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Our Services

Website Design

Intrepy Healthcare Marketing knows that your website is one of the most important digital assets of your business and that is an investment we do not take lightly. That is why we take great pride in building industry-leading medical websites that are created with one goal: to grow your practice.

Medical SEO

Every medical provider or practice wants to be in that coveted #1 search spot on Google for their given specialty or search terms. They understand the volume of search that occurs on Google every day and what it means for their practice to end up high in search engine rankings.

Search Engine Optimization

Business Listings Management

Review Generation

Content Marketing

Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising for medical or dental practices use to be just about paying the most, getting the most traffic or offering the biggest discount to drive new patients. The world of pay per click and paid digital advertising has changed and with it, it has leveled the playing field for every practice.

Social Media Advertising


Social Media Management

Social media marketing, now more than ever, has become an absolutely critical digital marketing channel for medical and dental practices. Social media management gives you the ability to directly interact with current and potential patients to grow your medical or dental practice.

Branding & Graphic Design

Your brand is the lifeblood of your business and we take great pride in helping you bring your dream to life. Whether your brand needs a facelift, starting from scratch or rebranding we are here to help. Our graphic designers carry that vision and brand across all of your channels to create loyalty and cohesion.

Physician Liaison

Doctors are more likely to refer to a practice they have established a relationship with where they can trust their patient’s care is in the best physician’s hands. It is important to build your doctor network and meet with local healthcare providers to discuss your approach to patient care.

Physician Liaison Marketing

Physician Liaison Training

We are here to help you onboard Telemedicine and market it to your patients. Learn More

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