Medical Marketing Services

Our medical marketing services are designed with a core focus in mind, to help your practice attract, convert, and retain patients. Each of our medical marketing services, software, or programs are HIPAA-compliant and tailored specifically to the medical industry. We are a 100% focused medical marketing agency.

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Medical Marketing Services We Provide

Now, more than ever patients in your local market are turning to the internet to research what ails them and find a provider near them that can treat it. They are taking their health into their own hands and it’s become imperative that practices implement a medical marketing strategy to Attract, Convert & Retain them. Our medical marketing agency specializes in providing medical marketing services for healthcare organizations that convert high-revenue procedures and get existing patients back through the door.

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96% Growth in less than three months.

We deliver marketing growth strategies to our partner organizations that are developed by our team of medical marketing experts. Intrepy’s unique blend of digital and referral growth programs allows us to evolve the way patients are connecting to providers. We practice what we preach by delivering thought leadership content to our engaged network of healthcare marketers and providers with the goal of advancing our industry.

PatientConvert Program is a sum-of-its-parts of all of the services our medical marketing agency offers. It encompasses the full range of what we do here at Intrepy to give you a full end-to-end program. PatientConvert is for medical practices that are ready to get serious about growing their practice, putting their marketing dollars to work, and maximizing ROI. The goal of the PatientConvert process is simple:
Attract. Convert. Retain.

Each of our partner healthcare organizations gets access to a marketing dashboard that puts the analytics and growth metrics of the marketing efforts right at your fingertips. Quickly and easily track the success of your marketing program and check on that data 24/7/365.