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Business Listings Management has become an essential part of a Local SEO strategy. Google's search algorithm takes nearly 100 different listings and reviews platforms into consideration to make sure the results they return are accurate and exactly what the patient is looking for. It can be painstaking to manually claim, verify and update each of these platforms and then monitor them for duplicates, errors or changes which negatively affect your rankings. We take all of the heavy lifting off your hands and claim, update and manage all of your major listings platforms including healthcare specific and physician profiles. This guarantees that your practice is easy to find and your information is correct across the web.

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Why Does My Practice Need Business Listings Management?

Unified and consistent business listings are one of the top ranking factors for local search results. Many practices know to claim their main Google listing, but few are aware that there are nearly 100+ listings and reviews sites that Google & Bing utilize to verify information on your practice. This makes it extremely time-consuming to claim and update each of these listings manually. If you have done it once you know how much of a pain it can be to have them call and enter a verification number. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it does not. We are one of the few agencies that handle business listings management with such a focus on additional health and medical listings. We do not overlook the importance of individual physician profiles and health and medical websites that matter to patients.

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After a website redesign, name change and digital advertising see how they are ranking #1 for keywords

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The Intrepy Healthcare Marketing Difference

We put our clients in full control over how their information is presented across the web. Making sure patients find the correct information the first time and every time they search for their practice no matter which listings site they are on. It doesn’t matter if a patient is using voice search, an app, their GPS, search engines or social networks we cover them all to make sure the information is accurate and up-to-date. On top of that, we bring a high level of organization to our client’s business listings by bringing them all under the same roof, so the admins and emails associated with listings are not fragmented and scattered between providers, current and past employees which we often see.

  • Real listings changed no masking like competitors = real SEO value
  • Duplicates and errors are a thing of the past
  • Open new practice locations with ease by claiming new listings instantly

of patients determine the quality of your practice by reading about you online before ever making an appointment.


76% of local search users visit a store within 1 day


93% of Google searches have local intent.

What Does Business Listings Management Include?

Audit and Unification:

Putting You in Control of Local SEO

  • Current business listings audit
  • Create unique call to actions
  • Develop additional listings materials needed (services, etc.)
  • Claim, verify & unify 75+ listings sites
  • Claim, verify & unify physician profiles for practice
  • Integrate analytics and tracking

Information We Control

The Right Info Every Time

  • Logo & Brand Photos
  • Name, Address, Phone, Hours of Operation
  • Website, Appointment & Services URLs
  • Business Description, Services & Conditions Treated
  • Physician Specific Information (Education, Boards, etc.)
  • Social Media URLs to Grow Following
  • Keyword & Location focuses for SEO

Tracking & Optimizing Listings

Never stop improving to beat competitors

  • Secure practice login area to see listings accuracy in real time
  • Monitor important search traffic analytics
  • Run search audits on brand
  • Claim new listings
  • Remove duplicates or errors in real time
  • Report status of listings

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Mark Beaty, MD
Beaty Facial Plastic Surgery
Intrepy helped us develop our social media program including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Their team did a great job of helping us with content, and made posting easy for us. The increase in traffic and followers was substantial and steadily growing. I certainly recommend their work.