Business Listings & SEO

Take control of how your practice is presented online with Intrepy’s expert business listing management services. Verify, claim, create & update 100 of the top directories to drive local SEO, website traffic and generate new patients.

Business Listings Drive Website Traffic & SEO

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FACT #1: 9 out of 10 patients determine the quality of your practice by reading about you online before ever picking up the phone to make an appointment.

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FACT #2: 93% of Google searches having local intent.

Monthly Practice Benefits

  • 100+ Business Listings Platforms: Claimed, Verified, Unified
  • Advanced Analytics: Listing Search, Views, Customer Actions
  • Monitoring of Listing: Errors, Duplicates, Changs
  • Manual Listing Correction for Physician Profiles
  • Optimization & Tracking of Google My Business
  • Call to Actions Updated Simultaneously Across Platforms to Drive Leads
Business Listings

Why Does it Matter?

  • Location Search 146% Year-Over-Year Growth
  • 76% of Local Search Users Visit a Store Within 1 Day
  • Being Listed In Just Google, Yelp, Bing no Longer Enough
  • Local Search Optimization Critical SO Listings Everywhere Matter because large sites cross-check information
  • Ongoing Protection from Data Being Overwritten is Critical
  • Update, Corrected & Continuously Monitor 80+ Listing Sites
  • No Need for Manually Verify/Claim Each Listing
  • We Monitor All Locations & Add New Locations in as little as 24 Hours