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Last year nearly 80% of all patients turned online to search for medical information and practices. In 2019 it is critical that you are ranking highly for your core services and keywords over your competitors. That is where a Medical SEO or search engine optimization strategy for your medical practice comes in to play. Investing in SEO for your medical practice is essential to attract and convert new patients in Google search. Our team of SEO experts leverages our medical industry experience and best practices to create a personalized SEO program to increase your local rankings and drive new patients to your website.

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Benefits of SEO for Doctors

What would it do for you to reach 1,000s of new prospective patients for your top procedures? How your it effective your revenue to rank #1 for your most critical keywords? Imagine if a potential patient could type in “breast augmentation near me” in your city and find you in the first slot. It would have a massive impact on your bottom line. This should be your practice, NOT your competition.

Google’s algorithm changes 400-500 times per year which makes it extremely difficult to keep up with critical ranking factors and what is most effective to improve and maintain your website’s search results.

That is where our industry-leading SEO strategies come in. We worry about the competition, on and off site SEO and backlink building so you can focus on your patient care.

seo for doctors
  • Improve website traffic

  • Rank higher for keywords

  • Take competitors’ websites traffic

  • Attract new patients organically

  • Increase monthly leads and calls

  • Build brand authority through backlinks

  • Establish Providers as thought leaders

  • Generate new reviews

  • Track Improve Monthly

Medical SEO

What is Medical SEO?

SEO is short for search engine optimization and is a critical component of digital marketing. It involves to process of improving your website’s ranking in search engines for targeted keywords and search queries “organically” (without paying for ads). In other words, SEO for medical practices is putting together an SEO strategy so a practice website will show up high enough in search rankings for keywords to generate user traffic without paying for ads.

Every time a desktop or mobile search occurs on a search engine such as Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc. they use algorithms to dictate which pieces of content to return first based on a given query. In previous years, it would be enough to load up on “keywords” know as keyword stuffing on a page for a given term you were trying to rank in search results for. Google has made a significant shift in the last five years on top search results to focus on quality and completeness.

As search algorithms have become smarter and more advanced, this tactic not only no longer works but can get you penalized or worse banned from search rankings. Therefore, it is more critical than ever to put a comprehensive medical SEO strategy in place for your practice to rank higher than your competitors.

Case Study



After a website redesign, name change and digital advertising see how they are ranking #1 for keywords

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Medical SEO Services that Increase Rankings

SEO Audit

The first thing our healthcare SEO experts will do is evaluate run a comprehensive FREE SEO Audit on your medical website. This will help us no only establish a baseline but ensure that we have a granular view of opportunities or "easy wins" that we can fix and improve on your website. This serves as one of the core components we use to construct the on-page SEO strategy.

  • Overall Website Health Score
  • Site Security Report
  • On Page SEO Structures
  • Page Content Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Broken Internal Linking
  • Page Speed Score

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SEO for Medical Website

Medical website design, on page SEO and user experience are critical elements to effective search engine optimization. Your medical website is the foundation or the "hub" that all other SEO initiatives are built on.
Without the right website structure and content, all other strategies will struggle to make an impact on your rankings. Intrepy is not only a Medical SEO Company but we are an award-winning web design agency. We can improve the practice website from head to toe to get it ranking higher quickly.

  • Website page structure
  • Page speed optimization
  • Keyword Ranking & Competitor research
  • Top Performing Content Analysis
  • Bounce Rate Analysis
  • Title Tags, H Tags, Meta descriptions
  • Analytics & Search Tracking Integration

Localized Search Engine Optimization

When you do a locally focused search, the top results and the Google "Local 3 Pack" map that is returned are majorly influenced by three things: proximity, relevancy, and reviews. Google wants to know the results they return are the most relevant and high quality and they base that off of what other patients are saying. Intrepy Healthcare Marketing knows this and takes a targeted, proven approach to rank your Google My Business and generate traffic from other large third-party listings and reviews websites.

content marketing medical seo intrepy healthcare

Content Marketing & Backlink Building

  • Create a highly effective content marketing strategy with content your patients want to engage with
  • Content distribution strategies to get the most amount of engagement
  • Tracking and analytics to evaluate the most effective content
  • Unique mix of content to attract new patients: video, infographics, articles, etc.
  • Targeted backlinking outreach to grow your website SEO
  • Guest blogging to generate new brand awareness and website traffic
content marketing medical seo intrepy healthcare

Online Review Generation

Reviews are one of the most important ranking factors for local search results. If you search for "juvederm near me" the map results will show Google My Business pages with reviews containing the keyword 'Juvederm.' This means it is critically important to have an automated process for collecting reviews on your top third party review sites.
Intrepy Healthcare Marketing offers a streamlined review generation process to help you climb search rankings by acquiring new reviews monthly.

  • Review Requests via Text or Email
  • Branded Email Templates
  • Review Monitoring & Response Management
  • Negative Review Dispute Resolution

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Critical Ranking Factors in SEO for Doctors

As you see from the pie cart on essential factors of ranking for SEO, there is not one particular thing you can do to dominate SEO in healthcare. Great medical SEO is a multifaceted approach that, when working in unison, delivers powerful results and new website traffic.

The graphic breaks down some of the most important ranking factors and the significance they play in winning the Google search game. Our physician SEO experts take each of these factors into account, plus the practice specialty, and then develops a strategy that will produce trackable results.

Created with Highcharts 4.2.7 Personalization : 9.76 Google My Business : 19.01 Citations : 13.31 On-Page : 13.81 Links : 17.31 Reviews : 13.13 Social : 3.53 Behavioral : 10.17

Why Our Medical SEO Services Outperform Other Agencies

We Specialize in Medical Practices

We are a healthcare marketing agency since day one. That means we live and breath all things medical and dental. We have been in the surgery room learning with our ENT clients, and we genuinely understand the lifecycle journey of a patient varies with every specialty. Working with our SEO specialists will be a breath of fresh are because we have eliminated the learning curve by specializing. That means the SEO services we provide are tested 1000X times over and we are continually learning and improving based on medical industry trends and real-life case studies.

You Have a Dedicated SEO Team

Each of our clients no matter how big or small get a dedicated account manager and a team of SEO specialists behind them supporting the medical SEO process each step of the way. You don’t just have a single person but a content manager, website developer, SEO specialist, and project manager all hard at work to ensure the success of the program we tailor for your healthcare organization.

No Long Term Contracts

Unlike the other guys, we don’t ask for a 12-month commitment. We believe that the quality of our work should speak for itself and six months should lead to 2 years because we have established a trusting partnership. This reduces the fear of “what if” with our clients so they can focus on the seamless onboarding and the results to come from the SEO.

You Buy, You Keep

All of the excellent content and work we create for you during our partnership is 100% yours! FOREVER no if, ands, or buts. If for some reason our partnership were to come to an end (hopefully because you retired early to live the high life) everything we created is yours to keep. Although we think you won’t be going anywhere!

How Long Does Medical Search Engine Optimization Take to Work?

Effective Medical SEO is really a never-ending optimization strategy. You do not want to “turn off” your SEO because eventually, the rankings you have worked so hard to achieve can dwindle over time with new Google algorithm updates and other factors.

However, that does not mean you have to wait 1 year or even 6 months to start seeing impactful results. In fact, in as little as 30 days in some cases, you can see large results if there are glaring “big wins” during our SEO Audit.

We tell our clients that SEO, while is does require some patients, usually take 3-6 months to begin to bear fruits of the labor and begin to see the full impact of the program. This

Frequently Asked Questions

Our team has over 15 years of combined SEO experience specifically for healthcare practices. Our agency was founded back in early 2014 exclusively in the medical and dental space.

Therefore, since day one our agency has worked with numerous healthcare organizations in nearly every niche and specialty helping them grow their search engine optimization.

Medical SEO costs can range depending on the level of services and content creation needed for the particular strategy or client we are working with.

However, our medical SEO services generally range from $1,000 – $3,000 per month. If you reach out to us we can quickly do an audit and work with you to get a strategy put together to give you a firmer idea of monthly pricing.

Elizabeth Herrington
Angel Companions Senior Care
My healthcare group has been working with Intrepy for a few years. They are knowledgeable, fair, creative and good at what they do. I would highly recommend Intrepy to any organization or medical group looking to boost their marketing and social media efforts. They are a great team to work alongside.

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