Medical SEO & Search Engine Optimization that Produces Results

medical seo search engine optimization intrepyEvery medical provider or practice wants to be in that coveted  #1 search spot on Google for their given specialty or search terms. They understand the volume of search that occurs on Google everyday and what it means for their practice to end up high in search engine rankings. However, few know the correct process to beat out the competition and make the jump to the first page. The answer lies in Medical SEO and search engine optimization. An often overused marketing buzzword that leaves most doctors feeling like it is a mystery only a rare few can solve.

At Intrepy Healthcare Marketing we can tell you that it does not have to be. We have spent years perfecting our medical SEO strategy and know it takes a whole lot more that just keyword stuffing your website and praying. We have developed at strategic, methodical search engine optimization strategy designed specifically for medical providers and practices to land you the patient traffic and search rankings you want.

What Does a Medical SEO Strategy Involve?

What is Medical SEO?

medical seo agencySEO is short for search engine optimization and in layman’s terms it is the process of receiving traffic from search engines “organically” or “natural” without the use of paid advertising. In other words, medical SEO is putting together a strategy so a practice website will show up high enough in search rankings to generate user traffic without paying for ads.

Every time a search occurs on a search engine such as Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc. they use algorithms to dictate which pieces of content to return first based on a given query. In previous years, it would be enough to load up on “keywords” know as keyword stuffing on a page for a given term you were trying to ranking in search results for.

As search algorithms have become smarter and more advanced this tactic not only no longer works but can get you penalized or worse banned from search rankings. Therefore, it is more critical than ever to put a comprehensive medical SEO strategy in place for your practice to rank higher than your competitors.

Why Is Your Search Engine Optimization Different?

  • Medical, dental and health related is our niche. Maybe our obsession even?
  • No two doctors offices are alike and we take the time to get to know you, your goals & future plans.
  • Medical practices are hyper local and we are experts in local search strategies.
  • The client success speaks for itself. From practice name changes, SEO revamp to brand new strategy we have done it all.
  • Try before you buy. We offer an extensive audit that will create incredible value for minimal costs and you never need to use us again. Though we think you might!
  • We offer not just agency services but consulting. We can give you the road map to success & let your employees do the rest.
  • Web developers first. Great Medical SEO starts with your website and our background is in web design so we have the knowledge & know how.