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Every medical provider or practice wants to be in that coveted #1 search spot on Google for their given specialty or search terms. They understand the volume of search that occurs on Google every day and what it means for their practice to end up high in search engine rankings. However, few know the correct process to beat out the competition and make the jump to the first page. The answer lies in Medical SEO and search engine optimization. We provide proven SEO strategies and techniques to get your practice found in local search. That in turn results in increased website traffic, new patient visits, more appointments and new revenue generation.

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The Power of Medical SEO by Intrepy Healthcare Marketing

Are you ready to explode your website traffic? Generate high ranking content? Drive new, local patients to your website? Then medical SEO and local search engine optimization are what you need! Intrepy Healthcare Marketing will help you clean up your existing website and off-site SEO and develop a comprehensive, well-rounded ongoing SEO strategy to dominate in SERPs.


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After a website redesign, name change and digital advertising see how they are ranking #1 for keywords

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What Do We Do for Medical SEO?

Website Search Engine Optimization

The medical website might be the most important component of any medical SEO strategy. Think of it as the foundation of a house (or in this case an SEO strategy). If the foundation is weak or cracked it's safe to say anything built on it will be unstable and could all fall down. We put great focus on correcting and optimizing your website to make it irresistible to search engines.

  • Website page structure
  • Page speed optimization
  • Keyword & Competitor research
  • Lower Bounce Rates
  • Title Tags, H Tags, Meta descriptions
  • Analytics & Search Tracking Integration
  • SEO Content creation
  • Blog creation

Local Search Engine Optimization

When you do a locally focused search the top results and the Google "Local 3 Pack" map that is returned are majorly influenced by three things: proximity, relevancy, and reviews. Google wants to know the results they return are the most relevant and high quality and they base that off of what other patients are saying. Intrepy Healthcare Marketing knows this and takes a targeted, proven approach to rank high on Google maps and generate traffic from other large third-party listings and reviews websites.

  • Google Maps optimization
  • Business Citations & Listings Management to unify your brand
  • Review generation to improve the reputation of the practice
  • Health & medical specific platforms (Healthgrades, Vitals, WebMD)
  • HIPAA Compliant reviews response
  • Negative review dispute resolution to remove bad reviews
  • Tracking & improving search metrics

Content Marketing & Backlink Building

  • Create a highly effective content marketing strategy with content your patients want to engage with
  • Content distribution strategies to get the most amount of engagement
  • Tracking and analytics to evaluate the most effective content
  • Unique mix of content to attract new patients: video, infographics, articles, etc.
  • Targeted backlinking outreach to grow your website SEO
  • Guest blogging to generate new brand awareness and website traffic

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What is Medical SEO?

SEO is short for search engine optimization and in layman’s terms it is the process of receiving traffic from search engines “organically” or “naturally” without the use of paid advertising. In other words, medical SEO is putting together a strategy so a practice website will show up high enough in search rankings to generate user traffic without paying for ads.

Every time a search occurs on a search engine such as Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc. they use algorithms to dictate which pieces of content to return first based on a given query. In previous years, it would be enough to load up on “keywords” know as keyword stuffing on a page for a given term you were trying to rank in search results for.

As search algorithms have become smarter and more advanced this tactic not only no longer works but can get you penalized or worse banned from search rankings. Therefore, it is more critical than ever to put a comprehensive medical SEO strategy in place for your practice to rank higher than your competitors.

What Matters to Rank Well In Search Engines?

As you see from the above services and strategies there is not one particular thing you can do to dominate SEO and SERPs. Great medical SEO is a multifaceted approach that, when working in unison, delivers powerful results and website traffic. The graphic breaks down some of the most important ranking factors and the significance they play in winning the search game. Our SEO experts take each of these factors into account, your specialty or focus and then develops a strategy that produces target results for the patient base you serve.

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Dr. Jimmy Knott
J&L Ministry
Intrepy Healthcare Marketing did a remarkable job overhauling and redesigning my outdated website. They were even able to recreate my custom 200 question assessment that I use for my teaching classes which had been built several years ago in a now nearly obsolete coding technology. My website is now fully responsive on all devices, user-friendly and contains much-needed analytics!