About Our Approach

About Healthcare Marketing Process intrepyAt Intrepy Healthcare Marketing our philosophy is every person, practice, client, surgeon is different so shouldn’t the approach for each be different? We tailor our marketing efforts based upon the goals and dreams of YOUR business. Because it’s just that…YOURS. The healthcare and medical industry is our niche and we understand the unique pain points and needs medical practices face daily as they focus on growing their practice.

We specialize in building physician, doctor & dental practices via physician liaison consulting and digital marketing and advertising services. We design a comprehensive, end-to-end physician liaison marketing plan that includes strategy, KPIs, IT (including EMR & phone system audits), reporting, benchmarks and more to grow your practice and delivery clear ROI on your investment. Whether it is creating a new program, optimize a current referral marketing program or installing tracking & training functions on top of your program to improve its effectiveness we got you covered.

Intrepy offers strategic digital marketing and advertising services to reach, engage & grow your online patient base. Check out all of the services we offer to start growing your medical practice today.