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Urology Marketing Services that Get You Found By New Patients

Urology is a competitive specialty in the medical industry. It can be hard to reach new patients online over your competition. Ready to put together a medical marketing strategy that brings in new vasectomies? Want to treat more kidney stones? You have come to the right agency. Intrepy Healthcare Marketing specializes in marketing for urology practices. We partner with urology practices to help them leverage digital marketing and advertising to drive new revenue and book appointments.

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PatientConvert Program: Lead Generation for Urology

Urology marketing to patients requires experience and knowledge to know how to reach the right patients. Now more than ever, patients are turning online to find a urologist near them that can treat their needs. What are you doing to make sure your practice is in front of them when they are searching?

Our PatientConvert Program gets you in front of patients, shows off what your practice can do for them, and converts them. Years of experience went into our development of PatientConvert, and our team knows how to establish high conversion rate funnels and increase organic urology rankings that are proven to generate revenue for practices just like yours.

The first step to crafting a marketing strategy for a urology practice is a free marketing audit. During this, we will evaluate your current digital footprint, the competitor landscape and the areas you wish to grow. Next, we will put a plan in place, leveraging just the right blend of paid advertising, medical SEO, medical website design, and social media marketing, to attract, engage, and convert new, local urology patients.

The Keys to a Winning Urology Marketing Program

Below are some of the PatientConvert services we utilize for urology practices. We provide the right services you’ll need at a flat monthly rate. We keep your marketing simple, so you can focus on your practice and the needs of your patients.

Award Winning Urology Website Design

Your website is the lifeblood and foundation of your digital presence and online brand. That is why our urology website design team builds industry-leading websites focused on local SEO and conversions. Our websites are 100% responsive and designed to look just as good on mobile and tablet devices. From UTIs to bladder scopes and cancer testing your patients will find you faster than ever, before your competitors.

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Digital Advertising for Urologists

Digital advertising is one of the most effective ways to reach targeted, local patients for specific urology procedures. But with so many options how do you know what budgets to use? What keywords are best to bid on? Which platform to use: Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, Display Ads? Intrepy Healthcare Marketing has been handling digital advertising for urology clients for years and knows the ideal platforms, ad copy, landing pages, and more that are most effective to convert patients.

Check out our case study below on how we took a urology practice from 5 vasectomies per month to over 40+ per month leveraging digital advertising.

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Urology Practice SEO

Half of the website traffic from all searches goes straight to the three results at the top. The first search result takes up to a whopping 95% of that traffic!

That means that if medical SEO isn’t at the top of your practice’s marketing plan, your losing ground to competitors. You need a professional team to navigate the confusing and ever-changing landscape of on and off-site SEO.

We leverage a combination of content creation, review generation, citation building, link building and more to have the practice dominating search results for 100s of keywords. The best part? You can get started today with a FREE Practice Acceleration Session by reaching out to one of our healthcare marketing team members.

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Social Media Marketing for Urology

Social media marketing has become one of the primary marketing avenues to reach new patients. A healthy social media community not only allows you to communicate more effectively with current clients but opens the doors of the practice and let’s potential new patients in to see what sets up apart.

It will help you establish loyalty and a know, like and trust relationship before a patient ever books and appointment. We will create dynamic videos, feature patient testimonials, and create custom graphics to keep your brand unified and increase the impact of your message.

Case Study:
Perlow Urology



Intrepy generated 47 New vasectomy procedures with a 752% return on advertising investment

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Mark Beaty, MD
Beaty Facial Plastic Surgery
Intrepy helped us develop our social media program including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Their team did a great job of helping us with content, and made posting easy for us. The increase in traffic and followers was substantial and steadily growing. I certainly recommend their work.

A Word from Our President

Marketing is the lifeblood of a business. It can be the deciding factor between success and failure. Our team at Intrepy Healthcare Marketing takes this very seriously. It’s a privilege we do not take lightly when you, as a business, partner with us as the marketing engine. Our promise to you is to be committed to transparency, a good steward of resources and work daily to grow and strengthen trust. Oh, and to have tons of fun while doing it. Here’s to a successful partnership.

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