Healthcare Marketing Automation

Convert more leads and retain more patients by implementing marketing automation to engage with your patients via email nurture campaigns. Personalize your message to each potential patient and create a relationship built on trust before patients walk through the door.

Benefits of Healthcare Marketing Automation

If used properly, marketing automation is a powerful tool to help you create a more end to end funnel and engagement platform to connect with potential patients and retain existing patients. The truth is…no marketing campaign is going to convert 100% of the leads it drives in. So what happens to those patients that just are not ready to make the leap and schedule an appointment? That is where a CRM and marketing automation come into play.

  • Convert More Leads to Appointments
  • Build Trust & Thought Leadership
  • Upsell or Introduce New Services
  • Gain Attribution & ROI on Your Funnel
  • Grow Your Email or Text List
  • Continue to Optimize Your Funnel
healthcare marketing automation benefits

Start Attracting More Patients Now

Convert More Leads to Appointments

We have a saying at Intrepy Healthcare Marketing…”you bought them, nurture them!” What we mean is when new patient leads are generated we want to get the potential patients that did not book an appointment into a nurture sequence. That is generally an 8-12 email communication sequence that delivers value and education about the service or treatment they were interested in with the goal to build trust and get them booked as an appointment.

Build Trust & Thought Leadership

Through marketing automation we can deliver personalized email or text content to interested patients and establish you as the physician or practice as an expert in the treatment or service they were inquiring about.

Upsell or Introduce New Services

Upselling existing patients overlapping or complimentary services is an easy way to generate new revenue and add continued care value to your patients. We can also create nurture campaigns to successfully roll out new services to high demand.

Start Attracting More Patients Now

Gain Attribution & ROI on Your Funnel

Attribution means the ability to attribute events, such a appointment bookings, to what caused them to happen, such as a specific Google Ads campaign. This is incredibly valuable because it gives us exact insights into which strategies are delivering the highest return on investment (ROI).

Grow Your Email or Text List

Your email or text message list is one of the most valuable assets that a practice has. It is a direct line of communication between your practice and your patients. We can help build that list and turn it into an agent of growth for the practice.

Continue to Optimize Your Funnel

Refine, refine, refine. That is what we are always doing for our clients. We are never satisfied with good we want great. We will continue on a month to month basis analyze and optimize the marketing funnels we create for the practice.

You Have a Dedicated Healthcare Marketing Team

Each of our partners gets a dedicated account manager and a team of medical marketing specialists behind them that support the development, implementation, optimization, and success of their marketing program. You will meet with your account manager on a monthly basis to keep close contact with the growth of your practice. On top of that, you have 24/7 access to your marketing growth dashboard to see your analytics in real-time. For you, this means that you’ll have a team on your side to make sure everything is running smoothly, getting things done, and helping your practice grow.

“To be able to get our message across, one, in our website and then to have our clients be able to leave reviews that integrate into the website and onto our Google system, it’s just huge.”

Blair Brown