Facebook Ads for Medical Practices

Facebook ads for medical practices have long been a highly effective way to generate new patient leads and appointments. They allow you to target new, local patients based on demographic, geographic, and platform-related behaviors to deliver ads across a vast social network including Instagram. Intrepy Healthcare Marketing has a team of Facebook ads experts that deliver leads and new appointments daily to our clients and we can do the same for your practice.

How do Facebook ads work?

Facebook ads are presented on Facebook or Instagram in the “news” feed, however, they can show up in many other places, in the form of visual graphical or video ads with corresponding ad copy about the specific treatment, procedure, or offer. Intrepy Healthcare Marketing works directly with our clients to develop ad graphics, copy, and videos, as well as, audience targeting and demographics to ensure accurate targeting and maximum impact of the ads.

What are the benefits of Facebook ads for medical practices?

Facebook ads for medical practices are one of the best ways to generate new patient leads and appointments and have many benefits compared to other ad platforms. Facebook ads are visual in nature, so they are a great way to grab a potential patient’s attention and tell a compelling story even if they are unfamiliar with your brand or treatment offering. This “push” method of advertising allows you to get in front of new potential patients. Another major advantage is by leveraging Facebook Pixel on your website you can “remarket” all website visitors, known as warm audiences, to put ads in front of people that have already visited your website. These are typically some of the high-quality and lowest-cost leads and appointments for practices if executed properly.

What should I expect when starting Facebook ads for doctors?

When starting or optimizing a Facebook ads campaign for a new client practice we like to make sure they understand what to expect in the process and ramp up of leads. The first phase is designing creatives that will be utilized in the ads which is the major driver of the success of the ads campaigns. We will test your Facebook pixel setup and deploy initial Facebook ads for your medical practice in the first 30 days. We will then focus on the initial 90 days to optimize for lead costs as leads begin coming in weekly. Over the initial 6-12 months we will test new ad creatives, introduce remarketing campaigns, and focus on lowering lead costs and maximizing conversions.

Generate new patients with Facebook Ads for Doctors

What is included in your Facebook ads Marketing Strategy?

Intrepy Healthcare Marketing offers full-service, white-glove Facebook ads for med spa programs. This includes all the following and more:
Ad campaign and copy creation
Budget forecasting and recommendations
Landing page development
A/B optimization testing
Monthly campaign optimization
Remarketing graphic creation
Analytics tracking in our dashboards
Monthly meeting to review reports

How much do Facebook ads for medical practices cost?

While there is no hard and fast rule as to how much to spend on Facebook ads for medical practices monthly, there are a few important things to consider and keep in mind when doing budget planning. With ad budgets ranging from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of dollars monthly, it can seem hard to know how much the right budget for your practice is. You should generally plan to invest, at minimum, $2-5K per campaign, whether it’s a treatment or procedure focus, or a location you are wanting to drive new patient leads to monthly. This will vary based on competition and geographical area you are running campaigns in and the larger the city or popularity of the search terms, the more you should budget. During the strategy phase with our clients, we will handle budget forecasting and recommendations on starting budgets for the campaigns you will be running.