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Patient Convert Podcast is a healthcare marketing podcast that delivers industry-leading insights, interviews, and the latest medical marketing strategies to help providers and healthcare organizations stay ahead in growing their practice. Lead by Intrepy’s co-founders, Kelley Knott and Justin Knott, the podcast talks about everything healthcare marketing including strategies, tactics, and tips to grow your healthcare organization and have fun doing it! We also interview physicians and healthcare executives on what they are doing to grow their organizations.

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Get off the Treadmill & Build A Medical Career You Love w/ Andrew Tisser MD #150

Sick of running around, having to answer to someone, and experiencing burnout because of the nature of your job? Then...

Posted on Thursday May 20, 2021

Physician Productivity: Max Your Most Valuable Resource - TIME w/ Sabrina Runbeck #149

TIME is our most valuable resource. That’s why we must learn how to use it properly. Instead of wasting our...

Posted on Tuesday May 18, 2021

Text Messaging is Improving Marketing & Patient Engagement w/ Kenneth Burke #147

Kenneth is the VP of Marketing for Text Request, an online business texting service. He’s won awards for his work...

Posted on Tuesday May 04, 2021

Do I need Branding? Or Marketing? Aren’t They the Same? w/ Jared Johnson #147

When people think about marketing and branding, they get confused. They have misunderstandings that these two are the same, but...

Posted on Tuesday April 27, 2021

Behind the Scenes of Content Creation w/ Scott Burgess #146

Scott Burgess is the founder and host of the Healthcare360 Podcast, where he discusses topics surrounding the healthcare system in...

Posted on Tuesday April 20, 2021

Practice Admins: The Unseen Heroes w/ Marcus Bullock, CPC and Brenda Messick #145

People might not know who they are, but administrative professionals are the heroes behind keeping the practice intact and ensuring...

Posted on Tuesday April 06, 2021

How to Remove a Bad Google Review #144

Reviews are essential to the growth of your online presence, but it’s not the only purpose. With the help of...

Posted on Thursday April 01, 2021

Increasing Clinical Efficiencies w/ Brent Lacey MD #143

Dr. Brent Lacey is the first recurring guest on the podcast. In his previous guesting, we talk about Debt, Burnout...

Posted on Tuesday March 23, 2021

Personal Leadership Development - Become a Highly Effective Leader w/ Dr. Jimmy Knott #142

Today’s guest is Dr. Jimmy Knott, and in this episode, we talk about personal leadership development and how you can...

Posted on Tuesday March 16, 2021

Physician Entrepreneurship: Getting Started w/ Arlen Meyers MD #141

Dr. Arlen Meyers is an Emeritus Professor at the University of Colorado School of Medicine and the president and CEO...

Posted on Tuesday March 09, 2021

Meet the hosts

Kelley Knott

Kelley Knott is the CEO and Co-Founder of Intrepy Healthcare Marketing. She is a highly experienced physician liaison and has a background in consulting medical practices and health systems on how to build new patient referrals and create digital marketing strategies. She developed the first of it's kind online physician liaison training platform, Physician Liaison University™. It is designed to help physician liaisons become more effective at driving new referrals and streamlining training for hospitals and private practices.

Justin Knott

Justin Knott is the President of an award-winning healthcare marketing agency, Intrepy Healthcare Marketing. He founded his agency in 2014 to bring a specialized approach to marketing for medical practices and hospital systems. His primary focuses lie in digital marketing, SEO strategy, and advertising to help practices generate new, targeted patients. Justin has been published as an SEO and marketing thought leader in dozens of online publications. His agency was recently named top digital marketing agency by Design Rush and Clutch.

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