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Ear, Nose, Throat Marketing Services that Get You Found By New Patients

Attract patients to your Otolaryngology (ENT) practice like never before. Tired of relying on referrals to drive patients to your practice for procedures like Endoscopic Sinus Surgeries and Otoplasties? Want to get in front of more clients who need specialty or Ear, Nose, & Throat care? 

At Intrepy Healthcare marketing, our professionals implement effective marketing strategies to help your Otolaryngology practice bring in new patients and grow your practice!

As a medical marketing agency, we have extensive years of marketing experience with Ear, Nose, & Throat physicians and practices. One of our founders, Kelley Knott, began her healthcare marketing career by working for multiple large ENT practices as a physician liaison and medical director. Her years of experience allows our agency the unique insight and expertise to truly understand the patient experience and the goals for marketing ENT practices.

We help you target the right audience to market your message of top-quality care and drive in new patients. In this highly competitive field of healthcare marketing and the growing number of Ear, Nose, & Throat practices, it can be hard to stand out. We understand that has a physician, your top priority is providing the best patient care, so when it comes to marketing, you need a highly skilled and experienced marketing team to help you deliver results.

Developing a Unique and Effective Marketing Plan for Your Otolaryngology Practice

Patients today are starting to educate themselves on better ways for healthy living and heart health specifically. More and more potential patients are going online and reaching out to primary care doctors to find the highest quality ENT practices, hearing centers, and sinusitis treatments. An effective ENT marketing campaign will focus on various creative strategies to drive results. Our experienced marketing team will develop a highly successful ENT marketing strategy to get you in front of potential new patients and referring physicians by building a cohesive marketing plan focusing on growing ENT medical services like:

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PatientConvert Program is Our Laser-Focused Lead Generation for ENT’s

Otolaryngology marketing is unique and requires an expert touch to reach the right patients. Patients are taking their care into their own hands and turning online to research what ails them and find practices to treat them. How are you supposed to meet them where they’re searching?

Our PatientConvert Program gets you in front of patients, shows off what your practice can do for them, and converts them. Years of experience went into our development of PatientConvert, and our team knows how to establish high conversion rate funnels and increase organic ENT rankings that are proven to generate revenue for practices just like yours.

Your path to digital marketing victory begins with a free Otolaryngology marketing audit, where we will analyze how you can grow your practice. No longer do you have to rely on physician referral to increase practice surgeries and procedures. We’ll put a plan in place, leveraging just the right blend of paid advertising, local SEO, website design, and social media marketing, to attract, engage, and convert new, local ear, nose, and throat patients.

The Keys to a Winning ENT Marketing Program

Below are some of the PatientConvert services we utilize for Ear, Nose, Throat practices. We provide the right services you’ll need at a flat monthly rate. We keep your marketing simple, so you can focus on your practice and the needs of your patients.

Award Winning Otolaryngology Website Design

Do you want a specially designed website that breaks the mold of ENT practice websites? The Otolaryngology practice website design is the starting foundation for all digital marketing and can affect the patient experience for your practice. An outdated, slow, non-responsive website can be detrimental to the marketing efforts and greatly hinder the patient experience. Intrepy Healthcare Marketing designs highly functional websites built with your patients in mind! Our patient-friendly websites are designed uniquely to your cardiology practice. Our Ear Nose & Throat practice websites are developed with customized features, responsive design, SEO, and call to action structures perfect for growing your patients and increase practice revenue. Intrepy Healthcare Marketing will help you track and measure your ENT practice website’s ability to bring in new patient leads and what areas of the site are most productive. These website reports allow your ENT practice to measure the productivity and ROI of the website efficiently.

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Digital Advertising for ENT Doctors

A successful healthcare marketing strategy involves developing a strong digital footprint. It’s important that your ENT website is getting noticed for the right services and in front of your target patient base. Digital advertising can be highly competitive, and you don’t want to lose potential patients or get passed by because you’re not showing where you need to be in search results. Digital marketing has many different digital avenues and social platforms simultaneously to increase performance, such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing, Native ads and the list goes on. Successful digital advertising strategies for the otolaryngology industry will increase patient leads, web visibility, and patient interaction.

Our professional digital advertising team knows which platforms work best for your Ear, Nose, Throat practive, and where ENT patients are more likely to engage with your ads, it’s what we do. we’ll create a custom-tailored plan together for your practice making you known for the categories you want to be seen.

Our complete digital advertising strategy plan has you covered on all sides: bid optimization, ad retargeting, email automation and more to ensure the right amount of touch points to convert new patients.

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Otolaryngology Practice SEO

Patients are searching every day online for the highest qualified otolaryngologist in their area for treatments. Without solid local medical SEO marketing, your practice can be missing out on hundreds to thousands of leads and potential practice revenue. To rank on top of local search results for ENT physicians, you need an effective SEO plan to get you noticed above the competition.

We leverage a combination of content creation, review generation, citation building, link building and more to have the practice dominating search results for 100s of keywords. The best part? You can get started today with a FREE Practice Acceleration Session by reaching out to one of our healthcare marketing team members.

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Social Media Marketing for ENT’s

Social media marketing can significantly affect the patient experience for your practice. Social media platforms are a great way to build your brand and patient engagement. Studies prove that in this age, almost everyone has a social media profile and even more so share health information on there. Part of digital marketing is creating strong content relative to the ENT services your practice provides. Social media marketing helps distribute that otolaryngology content and reach local audiences. Some social media platforms are built to improve your ENT practice create a strategic and unique advertising campaign for a more direct to consumer approach.

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Perlow Urology



Intrepy generated 47 New vasectomy procedures with a 752% return on advertising investment

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Mark Beaty, MD
Beaty Facial Plastic Surgery
Intrepy helped us develop our social media program including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Their team did a great job of helping us with content, and made posting easy for us. The increase in traffic and followers was substantial and steadily growing. I certainly recommend their work.

A Word from Our President

Marketing is the lifeblood of a business. It can be the deciding factor between success and failure. Our team at Intrepy Healthcare Marketing takes this very seriously. It’s a privilege we do not take lightly when you, as a business, partner with us as the marketing engine. Our promise to you is to be committed to transparency, a good steward of resources and work daily to grow and strengthen trust. Oh, and to have tons of fun while doing it. Here’s to a successful partnership.

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