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Marketing for Medical Spas the Convert New Patients

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Marketing Strategies that Convert Patients for Medical Spas

Now is the time you stop trying and failing at attracting new clients to your medical spa. Are you sick of dealing with marketing companies who say they will drive loyal, paying clients to your spa for procedures and to keep your aestheticians booked up with chemical peels and microdermabrasions, and then totally under-deliver? Well you’ve found the solution. At Intrepy Healthcare Marketing, we’ve created comprehensive digital marketing packages that will catch the interest of exactly the clients you want, showcase your practice’s unique advantages, and bring in paying patients.

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PatientConvert is Our Laser-Focused Lead Generation Program for Medical Spas

Med spa marketing is unique, and requires expertise and experience for success. You compete with cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists, and even other med spas for the same clientele. How are you supposed to beat out the competition?

PatientConvert is your comprehensive, patient attraction, and client conversion marketing program. Years of healthcare marketing experience went into the development of PatientConvert, and our team knows how to establish high conversion rate funnels and organic SEO plans that are proven to generate revenue.

Your road to digital marketing success starts with a FREE med spa marketing audit, where we’ll analyze how you can grow your practice. We’ll analyze your local market, current digital marketing footprint, key differentiators of your practice, and what the competition is doing. Then, we will develop a marketing strategy focus on improving your patient reach both organically and paid on top of reducing your overall cost per patient acquisition. Our plan will attract potential patients to you, engage them with targeted content, and convert local people into paying med spa clients.

The Keys to a Winning Medical Spa Marketing Program

Marketing for a medical spa takes special attention. Below are a few of the medical marketing agency services we use to help grow your practice. We dial in exactly the services you will need at a flat monthly rate. We keep your marketing simple and effective, so you can focus on your medical spa and the needs of your clients.

Award Winning Medical Spa Website Design

Gorgeous, hand-tailored medical spa websites constructed around conversion and SEO performance. On the front end, your medical spa website design will be responsive and beautiful, but behind the scenes, we’ll hone your ideal keywords and get you to the head of the pack. Botox, Juvederm, or Kybella? Laser hair removal? Non-surgical body sculpting? No matter what they’re seeking, clients will find your site first.

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Digital Advertising for Medical Spas

Digital advertising is one of the most effective, targeted ways to reach new patients for your medical spa. Instagram Ads, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing, Native Ads, the list goes on. Do you know where your potential clients are most likely to engage with your ads? Which platform has the best conversion rate for your investment? At Intrepy Healthcare Marketing, we help you reach the right patients, at the right time for the right price with our unique bid optimization process. With years of medical marketing experience, we develop a digital advertising plan using the perfect blend of platforms – putting your brand in front of the clients you want most.

Your marketing doesn’t stop at one campaign, though. We leverage retargeting and email marketing campaigns to stay top-of-mind for the people most likely to become clients and get in front of them more often with ads for your most popular procedures, to maximize your ROI and the conversion rate of your campaign.

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Medical Spa SEO

Fifty percent of click traffic from searches go straight to the top three results. The first search result receives up to a whopping ninety-five percent of that traffic! Luckily, Google is becoming increasingly focused on local search results. They even feature a set of 3 local map results for any applicable searches on both mobile and desktop now.

That means you have to put medical SEO at the top of your medical spa’s marketing plan. SEO does not involve just putting the right keywords on your website but taking a proactive strategy in building backlinks, creating new website content and building citations on third-party websites for “off-site” SEO.

This can all sounds overwhelming for a medical spa because SEO involves so many components. Not to worry. We take over the heavy lifting. The best part? You can start today with a FREE Practice Acceleration Session by reaching out to one of our healthcare marketing team members.

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Social Media Marketing for Med Spas

With procedures to help your clientele look and feel gorgeous, a social media marketing plan is absolutely essential to your practice! Directly show your clients what you can do, with before-and-afters, demos, posts about your specials, and so much more. Imagine the value of thousands of engaged users, all interacting with content from the medical spa.

Our med spa social media team will rocket your engagement to the next level. We’ll show you how to create interesting demos of procedures, how to take perfect before and after photos, and we will create custom graphics to keep your brand unified and strong. We’ll add in posts about your own specials and deals, and build a following of local, loyal, engaged, high-paying med spa clients!

Case Study:
Beaty Facial Plastic Surgery



Establishing a social media strategy and paid search program generated new, high revenue aesthetics patients.

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Mark Beaty, MD
Beaty Facial Plastic Surgery
Intrepy helped us develop our social media program including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Their team did a great job of helping us with content, and made posting easy for us. The increase in traffic and followers was substantial and steadily growing. I certainly recommend their work.

A Word from Our President

Marketing is the lifeblood of a business. It can be the deciding factor between success and failure. Our team at Intrepy Healthcare Marketing takes this very seriously. It’s a privilege we do not take lightly when you, as a business, partner with us as the marketing engine. Our promise to you is to be committed to transparency, a good steward of resources and work daily to grow and strengthen trust. Oh, and to have tons of fun while doing it. Here’s to a successful partnership.

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