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The Patient Centric Healthcare Marketing Agency

Partnering with industry leading healthcare organizations to help them attract their ideal patient, expand reach and accelerate revenue.

Attract + Engage + Convert

Our healthcare marketing agency has those three words at the core of all of the services and solutions that we offer to our physicians. It is in the back of our minds as we design and perfect marketing programs. It is why we make all of our services HIPAA compliant and gears directly toward you, medical practices and providers.

Our Healthcare Marketing Agency Services

Healthcare Digital Advertising
Medical Website Design
Business Listings Management
Telemedicine Marketing
Physician Liaison Marketing

See how we 4x a Urology Practice’s Vasectomy Procedures in 90 days.

Intrepy Healthcare Marketing generated 47 New vasectomy procedures with a 752% return on advertising investment.

Partnering with a healthcare marketing agency

Intrepy Healthcare Marketing is an award-winning healthcare marketing agency that specializes in helping medical practices reach new patients and generate new practice revenue. We understand the patient care journey and the unique ways to attract patients for your practice. You partner with a healthcare marketing agency because we get it. We understand how patients find providers and practices and what strategies to leverage to position you at the top of your local market.

We focus Exclusively on Medical Practice, Healthcare Businesses & Hospitals

We understand what it takes to run and grow a successful practice. It's in our DNA.

Stay Ahead of Technology & Strategy Changes

The way patients consume information and where they do so changes rapidly. We research, evolve and adapt for our clients.

Our Clients Are Our Greatest Ambassadors

Still not sure? Don't take our word for it. Read our client testimonials and case studies and see results for yourself.

Don’t Believe in One Size Fits All

Every practice is different. That is why we customize each marketing and advertising strategy to fit your goals, differentiators, and patients.

What Our CLients Say

What drew me towards them was the experience they had, the base of understanding, and base of medical knowledge. They were very comfortable in bringing those pieces together from the technical piece, all the way to the clinical piece, and understanding what I meant. Our growth as a practice has been significant, particularly in the last two to three years.

Dr. Edward Espinosa
Buckhead Medicine

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