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In order to create a profitable physician liaison marketing program, you need to commit to an expert training process. Having a professionally trained employee who has successfully completed the physician liaison training process will ensure your liaison is the highest qualified individual to represent the practice and produce results. Intrepy Healthcare Marketing is the first to offer digital webinars and online training masterclasses to allow liaisons to learn at their pace at a fraction of the competitor's cost.

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Why Do You Need Physician Liaison Training Program?

Whether your program is in its infancy or could use a tune-up Intrepy Healthcare Marketing’s expert physician liaison consultants are with you all the way! We help you build a profitable physician liaison marketing unique to your practice needs from A to Z.

  • Marketing Budgets
  • Tracking and Reporting
  • Identifying Liaison candidates
  • Measuring ROI
  • Building Strong Referral Relationships
  • Generate new physician referrals from physicians in your Area
  • Nourish & Improve Existing Physician Referrals
  • 1 on 1 Physician Liaison Training with Your Intrepy Healthcare Marketing Consultant
  • Training in your office and marketing territory
  • On- going consulting and SO MUCH MORE!

One of the biggest factors to failed or stagnant physician liaison marketing programs is the lack of proper physician liaison training.

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COVID: Physician Liaison Guide to Working Remote

Meet Kelley Knott

I teach physician liaisons, physicians, medical practices and hospital systems the profitable action steps for building a highly engaged physician relations marketing program, with online training courses, 1 on 1 consulting and training, and proven and tested strategies to build physician referral relationships with ease. Kelley’s experience as a physician liaison and successfully building multiple 8+ figure physician liaison marketing programs for practices gives her students that needed on-going support and feeling of having her with them every step of the way! Thinking about creating a physician liaison marketing program? Looking to become a physician liaison? Need help training your physician liaisons? Discover why healthcare professionals turn to Kelley Knott to build a program that generates more profits, builds strong referral relationships, grows patient referrals, manage with ease, track ROI, and implement the strategies that drive results.

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Speak with a Physician Liaison Training Expert

Who Is The Training Ideal For?

Individual Physician Liaisons

  • Advance Career with PLU Certification
  • Great addition to your professional resume
  • Get Past the Gatekeeper more effectively
  • Gain Confidence & Leadership Skills
  • Define Your Liaison “Narrative”
  • Facebook Group: Support of Your Piers!

Hospital System Leadership

  • Continuing Education Investment for Your Liaisons
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for Training
  • Effectively Grow Non-Hospital Employee Referrals
  • Reduce Workload of Onboard on Your Management
  • Shorten Time to Value Creation for New Liaisons
  • Strengthen Department Culture

Private Practices

  • Affordable & Scalable to Your Needs
  • Learn to Track & Report Program Success
  • Liaison’s Know What to Say in the Field
  • One Less Thing for Physician to Manage
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for Training
  • Beat Local Competition for New Referrals

"Kelley is a master. Great course, expertly delivered and well worth the investment."

Benefits of a Physician Liaison Training Program

As physicians, time is a resource not always available and many doctors know in the huge value a physician liaison can bring to their practice; but struggle with finding a candidate qualified for the role and the time resources it takes to manage a physician liaison marketing program.

Intrepy Healthcare Marketing’s physician liaison training programs allows the physician to focus on patient care while we make sure your physician liaison completes the necessary training to build strong physician referral relationships.

  • Avoid inconsistent or stagnant marketing
  • Avoid employee turnover
  • Higher level of professionalism
  • Implements structures for tracking productivity
  • Saves physician time
  • Saves investment of resources
  • Establish check and balances for easy management of physician liaisons
  • Liaison is fully trained in what to say and how to meet with providers
  • Highest trained and skilled individuals in their field to produce results
  • Organized marketing and reporting
  • Marketing is 100% specific and built to the needs of your organization
  • Creates clear communication
  • Avoids confusion on tasks and responsibilities
  • Prevents mistakes
  • More time to focus on patients
  • Clarification of the daily responsibilities, tracking, reporting, messaging, management, and results required from the role as physician liaison
  • Produces BIG results

What Is Covered in the Course?

Physician Liaison University™ was built as a labor of love to help physician liaisons come together and feel empowered to grow themselves and their practice. It was developed through years of experience working with practices and hospitals across the US. The course includes 5 resource packed modules and includes a bonus module.

  • Module 1: The Signature Formula of A Physician Liaison
  • Module 2: Creating Your Marketing Blueprint
  • Module 3: The Art & Science Of Marketing To Referring Practices
  • Module 4: Building & Maintaining Strong Referral Relationships
  • Module 5: Tracking & Reporting ROI
  • Bonus Module: Healthcare Marketing Strategies
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Save Time

Avoid the headache and distraction attempting to train and manage new liaison hires. Intrepy’s experienced experts save you time by training new physician liaisons in how to build strong physician referral relationships, track progress, measure results, and implement checks and balances for quick and easy management.

Our physician liaison training services save the time that would be needed to dedicate in training new physician liaisons. We also establish structures for clear check and balances to eliminate wasting time in managing and monitoring physician liaisons.

Saves Money

Physician liaison training involves investing time, money and resources to ensure your referral marketing program performs at the highest level.

Often times physicians, hospitals, and other healthcare organizations hire individuals with medical sales, pharmaceutical sales, marketing, or general sales backgrounds to assume the role of physician liaison. Unfortunately, without proper physician liaison training, these employees rely on previous experience that is based on different objections and sales relationships resulting in frustration, confusion and lackluster performance. Without the proper physician liaison training, these individuals lack the necessary skill set resulting in a huge loss of profit and resources that were invested in them assuming the role.

High employee turnover can lead to inconsistent marketing, lost money and valuable resources that were invested in new hires ill-equipped for the position. When making the decision to invest into a physician relations marketing program and new employee hires protect your investment by ensuring your liaisons are professionally trained. Physician liaison training avoids the possibility of loss of profit, time, and resources to your practice.

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Have the confidence knowing that your practice requires all liaisons have completed the proper physician liaison training. Requiring your physician liaison representatives to complete proper training reflects the high level of professionalism and commitment your practice has to the marketing efforts, patient care and building longterm referral relationships.

BIG Results

physician liaison training growth intrepyPhysician liaisons that are properly trained understand the needs of the practice and how to manage referral relationships solely built to deliver results based on those needs. During the physician liaison training process, new hires gain knowledge, confidence, and direction needed to effectively market to local referring providers. They understand not only how to confidently market to doctors but track, monitor and continue to improve on the initiatives.

Provide your liaisons will all the tools and teach them the necessary skill sets needed to confront challenges and referral obstacles to deliver value for referring doctors and grow patient referrals.

Take Your Program to the Next Level with Expert Training

Physician liaison training gives you the confidence that your referral marketing will produce the results you want and that your practice provides the highest degree of professionalism.

Support your new physician liaisons with proper physician liaison training to ensure their success and expand the program!

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Dr. Judith Zackson MD
Zackson Psychology
Intrepy Healthcare Marketing exceeded my expectations. Intrepy is not only an expert in the field of physician liaison marketing but delivers more than expected.   The presentation included in-depth marketing strategies, branding, follow up with a focus on results. I especially appreciated the opportunity to ask specific questions at the completion of the presentation. Kelley not only provided informative responses but also followed up with detailed scripts and notes. I look forward to collaborating with Intrepy to continue building a team approach to patient care.

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