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Intrepy varies from traditional healthcare marketing companies because we established relationships with general practice physicians to increase our client’s referral networks. When a family practice or internal medicine doctor choses a specialist in your field to refer to, we make sure you are the one they choose.

We are one of the few medical marketing agencies that are actually real experts when it comes to understanding healthcare (just ask our clients). What we mean is we actually get what it means to be a doctor, take care of patients, be a boss and run a business all at the same time. On top of that we understand patient flow, physician networks, insurance companies, procedural focuses, EMR systems and more.

How? Because we have spoken to tens of thousands of doctors in thousands of practices in dozens of specialties. We have watched full thyroidectomies and other surgeries so we can speak from experience. When you hire an agencies to grow your brand and practice, the last thing as a physician you want to do it create more work for yourself by having to explain what everything means and what you are really trying to accomplish. We get it and one of the things our clients like about us most is we make their lives easier and take full control over all aspects of healthcare marketing so all they have to do it practice.

How Referral Marketing Works

  • Introduction to Our Physician Network (1,000s of offices & doctors)
  • Personal physician liaison studied on your specialty, practice, medical terminology and procedures
  • Over eight years of experienced healthcare marketing professionals no hassle or overhead of training an employee so you can focus on your patient care
  • Referral physician marketing increases specific procedure & insurance referrals
  • Develop strategic marketing plan based on your goals and objectives with monthly reporting and referral tracking
  • Face to face relationships with doctors in your area through various strategies
  • Targeting specific medical practices based on referral flow, procedures & overlapping specialties
  • Generate new physician referrals from specialties and practices in your area through our network
  • Nourish and improve existing physician referrals over time
  • Create custom marketing reports designed to show ROI of efforts & practice growth
  • Create brand collateral specific to your practice and brand message with clear call to action & to aid in referral process
  • Practice specialty exclusivity in your area
Healthcare Marketing

Growing Local Physician Networks to Increase Patient Referrals

Doctors are more likely to refer to a practice they have established a relationship with where they can trust their patient’s care is in the best physician’s hands. It is important to build your doctor network and meet with local healthcare providers to discuss your approach to patient care. As a physician, patient care is the most important and building that communication and trust with your specialty practitioner allows them the confidence to refer their patients. Putting in the extra time and personal touch to meet with your physician network face to face is the proven way to make that happen. After initial introductions occur it is cirital to continually nourish the relationship. Always following up with the referring practice or PCP’s. Your referring physicians provide up to 85% of your patient base and refer the higher revenue procedures.

How We Build Your Local Doctor Referrals

We develop a healthcare marketing program designed for the needs of your practice. We provide experienced healthcare physician liaisons to help build your physician referrals and grow your network. The program targets new referrals, strengthening existing referrals, finding new specialty referrals for your practice, designing collateral specific to your practice brand and message, creating call to actions, establishing a reliable form of communication and relationship for the referring doctor to your practice, tracking your marketing efforts, and monthly reports to track marketing ROI. You don’t have the cost or overhead of an employee and they do not require any training. Our professional physician liaisons study your practice procedures and services learning about the medical terminology. They learn about talking points and what is important to discuss when speaking with referring physicians to generate new referrals. We get to now the practice and office staff to better know our clients. In addition to building a medical marketing department and growing your physician referrals we provide office consulting and audits to better learn ways to improve your patient’s experience.

Success by the Numbers

  • Urology Practice: 400% Increase In Vasectomies
  • Rheumatology: New Physician from 0 to 11 patients/day in 6 months
  • ENT: Seven figure year over year growth
  • Infectious Disease: Now 3-month appointment wait times in one year