Meet CareCube

Carecube’s primary care doctors in Brooklyn are committed to providing comprehensive, patient-centered care and work to guarantee you the best healthcare possible. We use modern and minimally-invasive treatments to improve our patients health.

Services offered:

  • SEO
  • CRM Automation
  • Business Listings Management
  • Social Media Management

The Problem

CareCube wanted to improve local SEO rankings for it’s practice locations around Brooklyn, as well as, launch new COVID testing Ads to become the go to testing facilities in Brooklyn.

The Solution

We implemented our on-page SEO optimization program to improve website structures and create new monthly content. We also designed a paid search and social ads strategy to generate new COVID testing patients in Brooklyn.

The Result

CareCube’s website rankings grew leaps and bounds and they became one of the leading COVID testing facilities in Brooklyn, generally selling out of COVID tests of appointments daily.


Increase in Organic Website Traffic


Increase in Calls from Google My Business in 90 Days. Started at 510 up to 2,834.


Increase in Goal Conversions on Google Analytics


Increase in Direction Request on GMB

social media advertising medical

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising for urgent care practices is one of the top ways to target and convert new patients in local markets. We implemented a dual-channel advertising strategy on Google Ads and Social Media Ads to launch and scale their new COVID testing offerings for travel, students, and local residents at the start of COVID. The result is they became one of the top testing facilities in Manhattan booking out all their appointments daily.

social media advertising medical

Medical SEO

Making sure patients can find you for what you do when they need it is critical, especially with urgent care offerings. We went to work leveraging medical search engine optimzation to optimize their website, content, and location Google My Businesses to improve local search rankings for the conditions and treatments they offered.

Listings Management for Medical Practices

Your Google My Business and the supporting listings are critical not only to ensure patients are getting the right information on your practice every time, but to improve your local SEO. We optimized each CareCube Google My Business for local search.

Our practice assessment helps you identify areas of need, opportunities for growth and a snapshot into how you stack up against local competitor’s.

See how you compare to your key competitor.

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