The Importance of Healthcare Marketing in 2019

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Kelley Knott
CEO, Intrepy Healthcare Marketing

Why is Healthcare Marketing Important in 2019?

Healthcare marketing is the driver of consistent patient growth and physician branding and outreach as industry leaders. Healthcare marketing allows physicians, hospitals, and medical practice to stay in front of existing patients, reach potential patients, and educate new patients.

The healthcare industry is always changing, and patient education and information are fastly becoming the forefront of focus.

The healthcare world is competitive, and as local competition grows and large hospital systems come into the mix, the more difficult it can be to stand out and promote your medical services.

Healthcare marketing allows you to increase your visibility from your competitors on local search engines and social media platforms. Another benefit is that healthcare marketing can provide the ability to reach potential patients and position your service as industry leaders in the medical space. 

The Benefits of Healthcare Marketing…

1. Will Increase the Patient Base of the Practice

Healthcare marketing allows you to gain the advantage of your competitors by targeting and attracting potential patients.  Using analytics and tracking physicians and healthcare organizations can focus on possible new patients.

Healthcare marketing is designed to inform and educate your target patient base. A healthy healthcare marketing strategy will use digital marketing to capture leads and patient information to develop drip campaigns to stay in front of existing patients and patients still considering your services. This form of digital marketing helps further educate patients and keep in front of them, leading to higher conversion rates and appointment scheduling.

2. Increase Local Physician Referrals to the Practice

A more traditional form of healthcare marketing is developing a physician outreach program. Hospitals have been utilizing this form of healthcare marketing for years, often referred to as physician liaison or physician relations marketing.

physician liaison marketing 101 physicians talking

Physician liaisons are designated hospital, practice, and physician ambassadors who’re mission are to cultivate local physician referral relationships. Physician liaisons help physicians create highly engaged physician referral networks that result in the growth of patient referrals and an increase in revenue.

3. Make Your Physicians Thought Leaders in Healthcare

Patients are more comfortable scheduling appointments with physicians they know, and, now more than ever, are going online to research their physicians and medical services.

In the world of healthcare, a marketing video is quickly becoming the preferred way potential patients digest information and have considerably higher engagement and interaction than that of images.

Healthcare marketing lets medical practices and healthcare systems to feature providers, highlight treatments, and their approaches to patient care.

Having videos of healthcare providers is a fantastic way to increase website traffic and establish a level of trust with patients.

4. Promote Important Medical Services

Healthcare marketing systems like social media marketing, website, content marketing, and digital advertising are fantastic tools to let physicians feature and promote their medical services and capabilities.

5. Enhance The Patient Experience at the Practice

Now with the use of healthcare marketing systems patients receive not only the top quality medical care but can have an overall amazing experience; with the availability of continuing education resources, patient portals, reviews, and much more!

healthcare marketing reviews

Patients are also able to quickly and efficiently communicate with the medical practice and send and receive valuable information to their care.

6. Scale the Reach of The Healthcare Organization

Healthcare marketing has created new avenues to reach patients, share patient journeys, educate the public and patient base, and so much more.

Physicians can now reach the masses with patient education and feature themselves as industry thought leaders. As more patients turn to online resources for healthcare, the more ability, you have to capture new leads than ever before.

In addition to attracting new patients, healthcare marketing implements tracking and analytics. Tracking and analytics reports can give you a full 360-degree view on where your marketing efforts are most profitable and what you need to do moving forward to scale.

Wrapping Up the Importance of Healthcare Marketing

Healthcare marketing is an ever-changing world but has endless possibilities for healthcare professionals to reach the audience they need, grow their patient base, educate patients,  feature physicians, and scale their practice.

When beginning your healthcare marketing journey choose a partner that understands the space and only focuses on healthcare marketing. A healthcare marketing agency understands the patient experience and industry and can use tested and proven methods to get you where you want to be!

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