Telemedicine Marketing & Advertising

Our healthcare marketing team has been advertising telemedicine as a practice solution since well before COVID caused an explosion in telehealth adoption. We can help your practice leverage telemedicine as an effective marketing and care tool on your website and attract new patients to your telehealth offerings.

Streamline Telemedicine Onboarding

We can get your digital assets squared away to increase patient adoption and let patients know about your telemedicine solution

We can work with your healthcare organization to quickly kickstart offering telehealth to your patients and get it integrated into your website, across email and posted on social media so you can focus on starting to see patients quickly.

  • Add to your website
  • Email to your patients
  • Chatbot on website
  • Telemedicine landing page
  • Social media posting

Tennessee Orthopedic Clinics

We had a direct competitor we were focused on surpassing in organic search, eroding market share and increasing site traffic.

Partnering with one of the largest orthopedic practices in east Tennessee we grew their organic site traffic by 85% resulting in a 29% increase in new appointments in 90 days.

“What drew me towards them was the experience they had, the base of understanding, and base of medical knowledge. Our growth as a practice has been significant, particularly in the last two to three years…because or their focus on SEO optimization and making sure that we really stand out not only in our local community.”

Edward Espinosa DO

Buckhead Medicine