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Most medical practices want to grow and generate new patients monthly. However, most practices have specific procedures and treatments that they are focused on growing. This requires a targeted approach to marketing that allows you to hone in on the exact treatment or condition that a patient is searching for around your locations. Google ads for med spas allow medical practices to do just that by ranking you at the top of a Google search for specific keywords and search terms related to your high-revenue procedures and treatments.

Med Spa Google Ads

How do Google Ads for Med Spas Work?

Google ads for medical spas are the first 3-4 search results that a patient sees at the top of a Google search when they type in a search query, for example, Botox near me. Google ads for med spas are served to patients via the Google ads platform. The Intrepy team are Google partners and are experts at creating and running Google ads for practices to generate new patient appointments. To get started, our team meets with a client and strategizes on the top procedures and symptoms they would like to book new patients for. From there, we create campaigns to run Google ads for med spas.

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What are the Benefits of Google Ads for Medical Spas?

There are several key differences between running Google ads for med spas versus Facebook ads or other advertising platforms available to medical practices. It is critical to understand these differences when putting together a marketing budget and paid ads strategy. The major benefit of Google ads for med spas is the natural difference in where the patient is already in the sales funnel versus social ads. This refers to “pull” vs “push” advertising and it is where Google ads shine to create high-quality leads for practices. Unlike Facebook ads where ads are typically “pushed” in front of a potential patient that is cold and unknown to your brand and may not have a current need for your treatment solution, Google ads for med spas have a level of buyer intent behind them. What this means is if a patient is going on Google and searching for specific answers on a procedure or treatment you are running Google ads for, you know they are a warm lead already.

Don’t miss out on numbers like these!

252 Orthopedic Urgent Care Self Appointments in 1 Month

We developed a medical PPC ads strategy for Tennessee Orthopaedic Clinic’s three orthopedic urgent care facilities to drive new patient appointments. As a result of the campaigns, we are averaging 750+ phone calls and 250+ self-appointments and growing for around $2.68 per conversion.

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What Should I Expect When Starting Medical Spa Google Ads?

When starting or optimizing a Google ads for medspas campaign for a new client practice, we like to make sure they understand what to expect in the process and the ramp-up of leads. It generally takes less than 30 days to set up and launch new Google ads or to overhaul and optimize an existing account for a client. Expect leads to begin in the initial few weeks and ramp up over the first 90 days. It takes 90 days to get enough data back to being at the proper campaign-level optimization to drive down cost per lead and drive up conversions. Then we focus over the initial 6-12 months on fully optimizing the campaigns and understanding what is working and where we can continue to improve to maximize lead quality and conversion costs.

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What is Included in Your Google Ads for Spas?

Intrepy Healthcare Marketing offers full servicing and white-glove Google ads for med spas’ programs for our practices. This includes all the following and more:

  • Ad campaign and copy creation
  • Budget forecasting and recommendations
  • Landing page development
  • A/B optimization testing
  • Monthly campaign optimization
  • Remarketing graphic creation
  • Analytics tracking in our dashboards
  • Monthly meeting to review reports
Med Spa Google Ads

How Much Should We Budget for Google Ads for Med Spas?

While there is no hard and fast rule as to how much to spend on Google ads for med spas monthly, there are a few important things to consider and keep in mind when doing budget planning. With ad budgets ranging from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of dollars monthly, it can seem hard to know how much the right budget for your practice is. You should generally plan to invest, at minimum, 2-5 thousand per campaign, procedure or treatment focus, or location you are wanting to drive new patient leads to monthly. This will vary based on competition and the geographical area you are running campaigns. The larger the city or popularity of the search terms, the more you should budget. During the strategy phase with our clients, we will handle budget forecasting and recommendations on starting budgets for the campaigns you will be running.

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