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Perlow Urology is one of Atlanta’s premier practices that provides comprehensive urological treatment services to men and women of all ages. We provide our patients with the latest, most effective, state-of-the-art procedures available in an atmosphere of caring and compassion.

The Problem

Perlow Urology hired Intrepy Healthcare Marketing to grow the amount of monthly and yearly vasectomy procedures that practice was currently doing. We developed a digital advertising and physician liaison marketing strategy that resulted in a 752% return on investment and a 505% increase in monthly vasectomy leads. See how we did it below.

Digital Advertising

Intrepy Healthcare Marketing leveraged its PatientConvert Program which included digital advertising to geotarget a specific age range of potential male patients and develop ads and landing pages to convert them into new vasectomy patients. We worked with Perlow Urology to develop a unique concept of the Saturday Vasectomy Clinic allow for the convenience of having the procedure done on Saturday and return to work on Monday with no time away. This unique value proposition combine with our advertising strategies resulted in a massive increase in new procedures and they are now the leading provider of vasectomies in greater Atlanta.

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Ad Examples

We developed a strategic ad stategy to boost ad quality scores, mimize cost per click and cost per conversion, and maximize the number of quality leads. Below are a few of the ad strategies we implemented:

  • A/B Testing
  • Geotargeting
  • Ad Rotation
  • Scheduling
  • Negative Keywords
  • Bidder Scripts
  • Remarketing
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Leads by the Numbers

To the left is a look at a screenshot of actual lead numbers (calls and forms) for the month of February 2019. The amazing thing is this is not only the shortest month of the year but the practice was averaging just 5-10 vasecomity leads per month prior to our campains and in 1 month generated 65 new, high quality leads!

Physician Liaison Marketing

Intrepy Healthcare Marketing created a comprehensive physician liaison marketing program focused on growing new vasectomy procedures for Perlow Urology. We trained and placed a liaison in the field and handled graphic design work to created unique collateral and business cards to growth new patient referrals. As a direct result of the physician liaison marketing, Perlow Urology has a wide array of over 40+ new physician practices including OB/GYNs referring vasectomies and general urology to them.

The Results


Return on Advertising Investment


Increase in Monthly Vasectomy Leads


Growth With 47 New Procedures in the 1st 90 Days


New Vasectomy Leads in 1st Year

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