Meet Nore Women’s Health

Nore Women’s Health is a different kind of medical practice. We have a passion for treating menopause symptoms and created a unique experience to help women get the most out of this exciting stage of life. Come see for yourself, and maybe you’ll leave saying Hooray for Nore!

New Patient Leads
Increase in Organic Website Traffic Growth

About Nore Women’s Health

The Challenge

We partnered with Nore Women’s Health to execute a patient growth marketing strategy to help them open new locations, increase brand awareness, improve SEO, develop scalable patient lead funnels, and book new patient appointments.

The Solution

We implemented our on-page SEO optimization program to improve website structures and create new monthly content. We also designed a menopause symptoms funnel to geotarget women 35 and older within a 15-mile radius of the practice.

Major Impact

The aggregate results were amazing for Nore. They hit their new monthly patient goals, increased organic site traffic, and generated new revenue by increasing the number of bioidentical hormone pellet patients.
Cost Per Qualified Lead
Increase in Calls from Google My Business
New Menopause Leads in 60 Days
Increase in Google Organic Search Clicks
Increase in Google Organic Search Clicks
Increase in Google My Business Calls
Increase in Organic Website Traffic Growth

Medical SEO

Women’s health and hormones is a competitive space and it’s critical to rank highly in organic search for the treatments and conditions that you offer to women. We put together an SEO for medical practice strategy to grow Nore’s core competency rankings in greater Atlanta. As a result example, they are now the #1 ranking practice website in the US for ‘mona lisa touch’ which drives 1,000s of potential patients to their website every month.

Social Media Management

Social media is a critical component to reaching and engaging with new women in a local market for a women’s health facility. You need to be able to build trust in your expertise and speak empathetically to the issues women face during their menopause journey. No better way than through different visual mediums on social media. We handle everything from graphic design to posting and engagement growth for Nore Women’s Health.

Digital Advertising

Digital ads have become a vital way to reach new patients in your geographical area. We developed a dual-channel approach leveraging Google Ads and Social Media ads to drive new menopause evaluations and vaginal rejuvenation procedure leads.

Start Attracting More Patients Now

Marketing Analytics Dashboard

The key to optimizing and improving an amazing healthcare marketing strategy starts with access to the right data and constantly evaluating and improving with that data. Just like all of our clients, Nore Health has access to their real-time data so we can work together, as a team, to continue to refine, improve and grow their orthopedic practice.

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