5 Ways to Boost Digital Marketing for Your Practice

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Kelley Knott
CEO, Intrepy Healthcare Marketing

Ways to Strengthen Your Digital Marketing Efforts

The world is digital, and marketing is key to driving new business to your practice.

Healthcare digital marketing has many advantages to more traditional forms of marketing (ex. direct mailers, billboards, etc.). Digital marketing reaches more strategic demographics and customer niches with a far greater ability to track ROI using available data.

Whether you are currently harnessing a portion of healthcare marketing strategy for your practice and looking to bolster those efforts or you are new to the space and seeking to establish your brand, let’s take a look at five ways to boost your digital marketing efforts.

Social Media

Get involved in the world of social media! Create or update your social media profiles. Make sure all the information is up to date, complete, contains differentiators and call to actions and then start posting consistently.

Your post should be relevant, interactive, and include some visual that fir the platform you are on best. The most common social media mistakes that practices and business make is lazy posting. It is not enough to have a social media account you need to make sure you’re posting regularly and responding quickly.

Update Medical Profile Listings

Third party listings play a pivotal role in local medial SEO. Whether you are aware or not, more than likely if you type in your name or practice as a physician or dentist many of the first search results will not be your website but actually, review and listing directories in the medical field.

These profiles are free, and auto-fill your information from various places online. Sites like Healthgrades, Vitals, UCompareHealthcare, WebMD, RateMD and RealSelf (aesthetics focused) are excellent search tools for patients looking for a doctor.

These medical profiles contain contact information, medical specialty, education history, training, previous employment, and most importantly reviews.

Most doctors are unaware that these profiles can be claimed and managed.

Medical profile websites are an excellent tool to boost search results and get patient reviews. Even though they automatically create you a profile, the information typically is incorrect, out of date or incomplete and in need of a facelift.

Add your photo and practice details to provide information on your practice better. You will be surprised how quickly your search traffic and digital marketing efforts will benefit.

Google My BusinessGoogle Knowledge Graph example Piedmont Hospital

While this fits into online reputation management and is similar in fashion to the previous health review site topic, I believe it warrants its own point because of its significance. Google is king.

This is nothing new.

However, you would be surprised at how many people neglect or never address how their business is appearing in Google Knowledge Graph.

What is the Google Knowledge Graph?

The photo shows an example of a local hospital system’s google results and the Graph is highlighted in red.

As you can see it takes up a substantial amount of landscape and will on get larger as Google becomes more intuitive and pulls more information.

Once you claim and verify your profile, you can significantly bolster the information provided to potential customers, including logo, photos (interior, exterior office, staff, procedures, specials, etc.) social media profiles (this can be tricky and sometimes requires schema mark up), phone, fax, reviews and more.

This is critical if you want to show up first in google search ranking as a doctor.

Responsive Medical Website DesignMedical Website Design Atlanta

Is your medical website responsive? A.k.a tablet and mobile friendly? If not, you are losing business in a hurry. Nearly 60% of all search is now occurring on mobile devices.

Think of that for a moment. Nearly 2/3 of all of the people likely to find you on the internet are likely to do so using their mobile phone. That is a big number.

More than ever before it is absolutely critical that your website is set up to work just as well if not better on smaller devices.

With easy to click call to actions, click to call features, proper font sizes, and more.

To add one more reason to why this is one of your most important digital marketing pieces, Google will now start punishing websites in search rankings that are not responsive because its detrimental to the search experience.

Not only can people not find what they are looking for on your site if it is not responsive but now you may not even show up in the long run.

PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising

While this falls more under digital advertising and lead generation than marketing, this is one of the most effective ways to substantially grow your lead flow and viability in your digital marketing efforts when done right.

PPC (pay per click) the most popular being Google Adwords is a tool that allows you to appear in the top ad section of Google search results for specific keywords you bid for. While there is a larger financial commitment to this the rewards can be substantial.

If you offer procedures that fit the direct to consumer model you can target people using various markers to convert highly qualified leads.


Digital marketing is not always easy but it is important to have a uniform image. Your digital footprint is important to increase your patient base. A proper digital marketing campaign can bring in new patients, increase existing patient visits & care, and generate more revenue. Many patients are going to the Internet to find the perfect provider for them. Digital marketing is the way to make sure your practice has a clean and clear message to help grow your medical practice!

Have questions? Looking for a team to help execute on your digital marketing? Give us a call 678-250-4757.

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