Why A Doctor or Practice Needs to be on Social Media

Lets connect, friend, like, tweet, post, and share! In this digital era these words have taken on a whole new meaning. This new digital vocabulary is connecting people all over the globe. According to a study conducted by LinkedIn, 81% of Small and Medium Business owners use social media to drive growth. Social Media is bigger and better than ever and Healthcare professionals want a piece of the pie.

There is no denying the importance of Social Media but here are the top 6 reasons Doctors and Dentists NEED Social Media:

1. Establish Your Practice/Brand

This is a no brainer, claim your businesss online. Allow patients to easily find out the basics of your practice. For example: where are you located, what is your specialty, hours of operation, are there multiple locations? These questions can be easily be answered by creating practice profiles.

Added bonus: Social media platforms carries substantial clout in search results because of the amount of traffic they garner so there is a good chance that your social media platforms will be one of your top returned search results when people search for you. Giving you much for coverage and “ownership” over the first page of results pertaining to you business.

2. Generate New Referrals

Physicians and dentists alike are business owners as well and marketing is essential for any business. 94% of Small and Medium Business owners said they use social media as a marketing tool. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and Google+ are a great resources for practices to reach their local community and generate new referals. These profiles are weighted heavily in search results and reach vast audiences. They increase Google search visibility and these profiles are often featured on the first page. Most patients now days are going to the internet to find their doctors and you want to make sure your on the first page. I once heard “the best place to hide a dead body is on the 2nd page of Google” and I coulnd’t stress the importance of high search results for your practice more.

3. Improve Patient Engagement & Customer Service

Gone are the days waiting on hold or leaving a message. Patients can interact effortlessly and ask questions with a reliable and speedy response. When it comes to our health we have a lot of questions and most don’t want to wait   for someone to get back to them. Patients are more likely to move on to your competition then wait for a call back. Social media bridges that gap and connects doctors and dentists to their patients. Practices can connect users to the proper tools, links, and help answer any questions.

4. Join the Conversation and Connect

Connect with youre local healthcare community who share your passion. Good healthcare is always a trending topic use your social media to share it with the hospitals, colleagues, and referring physicians. Remember they share your target audience your social media is an excellent way to offer your expertise and build those relationships effortlessly.

5. Show Them You’re the Expert

You didn’t go to med school for the hospital food, You’re a specialist share your qualifications! Inform your patients about your training, degrees, and unique approach to specialize with their healthcare. Many physicians use youtube to educate patients and physicians a like on proceedures or health techniques. A great example of this is Dr. Sandra Lee aka “Dr. Pimple Popper.” Dr. Sandra Lee utilizes youtube to educate the public as well as colleagues. Her Youtube fame has allowed her to create her own unique brand and she is recognized as an expert in her field.

6. Keeps Your Competitive

You may be the best in the biz but you’re not the only one in town. Your competition is out there and they are using social media to reach patients and gain exposure. Like I mentioned in point number two, patients are using Google more than ever to find the right healthcare professionals. You don’t want to get left out, an active and well executed social media keeps you ahead of the game.


So get out there, create your own social media strategy don’t have one, hire one. Connect, friend, like, tweet, post, and share! Remember these are all verbs and social media is all about constant action and interaction. It is not enough just to have a social media it is how actively you use it.

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Kelley is the CEO and Co-Founder of Intrepy. She is a highly experienced physician liaison and has a background in consulting medical practices on how to grow their new and existing patient base through both digital and physical marketing. She is a proud graduate of the University of Alabama Roll Tide Roll!