Best Orthopedic Websites 2023 Examples & Tips

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Jun 5, 2023

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The Best Orthopedic Websites 2023 Design Tips & Examples

Do you want more patients to contact your orthopedic office after visiting your orthopedic website? Is it true that your primary rival has just unveiled a shiny new custom website and rebranding campaign? Is this your first year as a practicing orthopedic surgeon?

In today’s mobile-first, highly competitive digital environment, a well-designed website that makes use of innovative design components is crucial to achieving your business goals and laying the groundwork for your online marketing initiatives.

Read on to discover the fundamentals of good orthopedic website design that should be present on the website of every orthopedic clinic.

You will also find samples of some of the best orthopedic websites and why they rock!

9 Best Orthopedic Websites

Best Orthopedic Websites – Web Designs:

best orthopedic website intrepy1. Tennessee Orthopaedic Clinics

The Tennessee Orthopaedic Clinics (TOC) are among the top 10 largest orthopedic clinics in the US, and they offer cutting-edge treatment for a wide variety of orthopedic issues.

As a recognized leader in orthopedic care across the country, TOC must have a website that accurately reflects the quality of its patient care and the depth of its history.

With the help of Intrepy Healthcare Marketing, one of the leading medical website design services, TOC’s website was given a one-of-a-kind, high-end design that features patient engagement, interactivity, responsiveness across all devices, and search engine optimization.

best orthopedic websites

2. Midlands Orthopaedics & Neurosurgery

Providing orthopedic and neurosurgical care for a wide range of conditions, this Columbia, South Carolina-based group has multiple office locations throughout the area.

An improved web design was required to attract more patients to the walk-in orthopedic clinic.

With search engine optimization (SEO) and patient engagement as the primary focus, Intrepy Healthcare Marketing redesigned this website from the ground up, adding numerous service pages for the various orthopedic and neurological conditions and treatments they specialize in.

best orthopedic web design

3. Orthopedic & Spine Centers

Orthopedic & Spine Centers of Wisconsin had a need for a new website. With the help from Intrepy Healthcare Marketing, their new site thrives across all devices thanks to innovative web design, patient engagement, and search engine optimization.

As an added bonus, the access to scheduling appointments online has increased patient conversion rates significantly.

orthopedic website design

4. Premier Orthopaedics

Premier Orthopaedics made the switch from CMS to WordPress with the help of the team of experts at Intrepy.

Premier now has access to a more intuitive website administration system as a result of this migration.

top orthopedic websites

5. Sean Calloway MD

This sole practitioner approached Intrepy Healthcare Marketing with a laundry list of website upgrades he hoped would propel him to thought leader status.

This doctor’s website is well-designed, so he can interact with patients, list the procedures he offers, and accept online appointment requests for orthopedic treatment of hip, knee, and shoulder conditions.

Best Orthopedic Websites – Content, Blogs & News

1. OrthoBuzz

The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery (JBJS) publishes articles on the blog OrthoBuzz about the most recent advancements in orthopedics and how they might be applied in clinical practice.

Topics range from gender’s impact on burnout to the reducing use of painkillers in pediatric orthopedics are discussed. Articles are organized into sub-specialty sections for your convenience.

2. OrthoFeed

Every day, OrthoFeed brings you the latest news and developments in the field of digital orthopedics. Virtual and augmented reality, 3D printing, robotic surgery, and AI are just few of the topics discussed in this blog.

OrthoFeed simplifies keeping up with the latest developments in the orthopedics sector by compiling articles from leading publications such as BONEZONE and Becker’s Spine Review.

3. Orthobullets

Orthobullets is a free online resource for medical students, residents, and practicing doctors interested in orthopedics. Orthobullets was created by a working orthopedic spine surgeon with the goal of serving the needs of other orthopedic surgeons through a collaborative effort.

More than a hundred in-depth instructions to surgical procedures, such as the Ponseti method for treating clubfoot, can be found here. These how-to manuals cover everything from preoperative preparation to postoperative recovery, plus additional resources.

You may see these procedures in action by looking at X-rays and videos of actual surgeries performed on real patients. Journal papers and research projects can also be access and discussed.

4. Mayo Clinic

The Mayo Clinic has made a name for itself by dedicating itself to the fields of medicine, teaching, and discovery. Articles written by orthopedic surgeons at the Mayo Clinic detail the latest findings and techniques in the field.

Treatments for children’s scoliosis using vertebral body tethering and 3D printing for joint reconstruction are some of the topics discussed.

To give you an idea of the kinds of studies being conducted in the field of orthopedic surgery, it also includes a list of ongoing clinical trials.

Top Things the Best Orthopedic Websites Have

Easy-to-Use Menu and Website

The website for your orthopedic practice must be user-friendly. Your website will not succeed without a well-organized menu and structure.

Making your website user-friendly doesn’t mean you have to skimp on providing important details for your patients. Instead, use the site’s drop-down menus to give a wealth of information.

No matter what device your patients use to access your site, drop-down menus will make navigating a pleasure. This layout also facilitates search engine crawling, which is a major ranking factor.

Your website’s structure and hierarchy should make sense. An orthopedic website will benefit from a user-friendly menu and site layout that makes it easier for patients to find what they’re looking for and for search engines to index the site.

Online Appointment Booking

It’s crucial to have a system for booking appointments on your website. Appointments for patients should be easily scheduled through your website.

Providing convenient online appointment scheduling is crucial if you want to retain your patient base.

By allowing them to choose, patients are given power. Since appointments can be made online, they won’t have to worry about calling during work hours or trying to get through to an operator on a busy line.

Instead, you can fill any empty slots with the use of online appointment scheduling and synchronization with booking software. It’s an effective plan for lowering “no-shows” and filling openings.

Pages for Every Service You Offer

The ideal strategy to give people detailed information about your orthopedic service is to use treatment pages. These pages should describe the treatment, what to anticipate during it, who would be a good candidate, and provide contacts for further information.

But there’s another major area where pages shine: search engine optimization. Using treatment and condition pages is the greatest strategy for gaining visibility in search results for competitive orthopedic terms.

A comprehensive content marketing strategy that supports SEO can be built on the foundation of high-performing condition and treatment pages. It’s a great approach to inform people about procedures including joint replacement, shoulder care, knee care, foot and ankle care, sports medicine, and more.

A well-written landing page serves two purposes: it informs patients and it boosts the site’s search engine rankings. To rank highly for competitive keywords, it is essential to have landing pages. If you want to rank for it, you need a page for it.

Location and Provider Pages

Imagine your orthopedic website as the virtual equivalent of your physical reception desk. First impressions are crucial, and for many potential patients, that means checking out your website.

That’s why you should always use the most recent data about your location and service providers on your website. You want your potential clients to be able to locate you and learn about your physicians.

Your patients will always be able to find you if you keep this information up to date. Patients will be better prepared for their visit if they have accurate information about the providers at your practice. If they have a specific provider in mind, it is an added bonus.

Blog Section

When creating a content marketing strategy for your orthopedic practice, blogs can make a huge difference because they are here to stay. A blog that isn’t educational isn’t doing its job.

Make your blog a resource for anyone in need of healthcare information. You need to direct individuals to your website and lead generators by creating material that is sport, joint, and age-specific.

Blog posts should not just be educational but also interesting to the reader. Write for your patients like regular people, not doctors and surgeons. Respond to frequently requested questions or the ones you anticipate them having but fear asking.

When created with keywords and ranking in mind, blogs are just as useful for search engine optimization as any other type of web content.

Use Video!

Video marketing for orthopedic practices provides a large benefit. You can use these videos on your social media to help increase engagement and Google search ranking. YouTube is a great place to have all of your videos you can share on social media.

Worried you won’t have the time? CaptureMD is a great all-in-one tool for medical practices to use to create and share videos for their audiences.

Using the above essential web design elements for orthopedic websites, you can make a compelling and user-friendly site that will bring in new patients, keep your existing ones coming back, and set you apart from the competition.

If you need help with your digital marketing for your orthopedic practice, look no further than Intrepy Healthcare Marketing.

Wrapping Up Best Orthopedic Websites

Patients now play a major role in the orthopedics industry. Patients now more than ever demand companies with a deep understanding of the diagnostic tests, surgical procedures, and ongoing treatments that are essential to their recovery and disease management.

Whether you share it on a website, a blog, or a social media platform, the information you provide is valuable.

Patients in today’s world can look outside their doctors’ knowledge to see examples of effective healthcare in action thanks to the internet, and physicians would do well to start by engaging with them directly online.

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