Make Your Practice More Attractive to Patients in 2022 # 162

Justin Knott
Jan 26, 2022

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Welcome to another episode of the Patient Convert Podcast! In today’s show, we’re talking to Dr. Ginger Bratzel. She is a business strategist and educator, and will provide us with some strategies to get more clients and grow our business. Dr. Ginger helps people to discover what’s good about their businesses as well as what they’re missing to make them more attractive. Her focus is to get everything needed to create a steady flow of clients, patients, and customers so they can go forward, further, and faster. 

Let’s dive into different tips to grow your practice and make it more attractive to your patients!

[00:01 – 05:00] Let’s meet Dr. Ginger!

[05:01 – 12:40] Dr. Ginger’s perspective on Post-Covid

  • Dr. Ginger shared her point of view about the pandemic.
  • Before and still now people put much prior into outsourcing things.
  • Barriers between doctors and patients.
  • The role of social media.
  • Easy target – Healthcare field.
  • A massive shift in the market.
  • You should understand your patients and what they truly need.
  • Emotional face: confidence, pain relief, stability, security, etc.
  • Establish relationships with patients.

[12:41 – 25:35] Making your Practice More Attractive to Patients

  • Dr. Ginger talks about the old and new approach to address marketing.
  • The insight of old and young doctors.
  • Leadership – Tools and assets to bring a business.
  • Marketing campaign and budget.
  • Having a scientific mind in marketing.
  • It has to be trackable.
  • It has to come back.
  • It has to show a result.
  • It’s not an experiment or donation.
  • Tracking side with clients in the healthcare niche.
  • Communication factor.
  • Be really aware of your numbers to set up projections.
  • Referral system: private practice acquisition.

[25:42 – 33:07] Closing Segment

  • Advice on growing practice in 2022. 
  • Physicians expectations from their involvement in growing the practice.
  • Think about things that need improvement, and things we need to stop doing.
  • Use your own charts and files.
  • Internal marketing program.
  • Who you should communicate with.
  • Who your ideal patient is.
  • How to connect with Dr. Ginger.
  • Links are available below.
  • Final words 
  • Stay tuned for more. Links available below.

Tweetable Quotes:

“All the marketing I’ve ever recommended to do is direct response, if I cannot track it, if I don’t know what is coming from, we don’t do it.” – Ginger Bratzel

“They don’t need to be doing a thousand things, they need to do 4, 5, a few things, and if you see it is not working, take the time and energy, even if you are doing it for free because that’s the most precious currency you have.” – Ginger Bratzel

Resources Mentioned: 

Want to connect with Dr. Ginger? You can find her and follow her on LinkedIn and Facebook. You can also contact her at 405-225-0254. Don’t forget to check out her website to learn more about getting new clients and grow your business!

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