How Aesthetics Practice Owners Build Personal & Practice Wealth w/ Leslie Tracey #164

Justin Knott
Jul 13, 2022

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Do you know an effective way to grow and protect your business? In this episode, Leslie Tracey discusses the importance of risk management, retention of top talent, and building a team culture that is supportive of success. She stresses why marketing to all employees, not just the business owner is essential and provides relevant tips on how to do this effectively. Let’s dive in!

In the financial industry since 2017, Leslie is the founder of Tracey Donavan Insurance & Retirement Services, a boutique financial practice that specializes in personal and business financial risk management and retirement income strategies for practitioners in Medical Aesthetics nationwide. They ensure that practice owners mitigate risks to their family and business livelihood associated with disability or death which could halt the continuation of the business.

Key Highlights:

[00:01 – 06:41] Opening Segment

[06:42 – 13:17] How to Keep Your Med Spa Running Safe and Sustainably

[13:18 – 19:56] How to Succeed as a Med Spa Owner

[19:57 – 26:33] How to Protect Your Practice

[26:34 – 33:23] Diamond Games Media

[33:24 – 39:47] Think About Your Brand

[39:49 – 42:16] Closing Segment

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Key Quotes:

“I think it’s really important to identify where your clients are coming from and start small. All the big ones are very successful. They started small.” – Leslie Tracey


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