Marketing a Multiple Specialty Practice w/ Brian Evans MD #163

Justin Knott
Jul 12, 2022

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Are you curious about what CIC and CSC have done to grow and reach many different patients and have different sub-specialties under one roof? In this episode, Brian Evans, the Medical Director of Reno and VP Physician Recruitment for CSC shares the philosophy of Comprehensive Integrated Care and Comprehensive Surgical Care, and how they attract patients. He emphasizes the importance of physician ownership and control and points out the many benefits of such an approach, including increased decision-making power and greater patient engagement. Pay close attention to Brian’s advice on what patients can do to be their own best advocates for their care. Let’s dive in!

Key Highlights:

[00:01 – 06:33] Opening Segment

[06:34 – 12:46] Multispecialty, Multistate Surgical Practice

[12:47 – 18:58] Having a Higher Level of Engagement

[18:59 – 22:22] Closing Segment

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Key Quotes:

“We really have to get out there and allow people to meet us and know that. We are actually really focused on the patients providing a really good service.” – Brian Evans

“Physicians don’t always know best. So you are your own patient advocate.” – Brian Evans

“The more the doctors are involved, the more that they’re leading the way from a decision-making standpoint, the better off healthcare will be.” – Brian Evans


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