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Justin Knott
Aug 11, 2022

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Many people search for medical and health information online. It seems to be the go-to place when someone is in need of a certain healthcare provider. This means, your healthcare website design needs to be smart, helpful, and high-quality when it comes to design and information.

Important Tips for Healthcare Website Designs

  • The website loads quickly
  • The information is easy to digest
  • The photographs are clear and professional
  • The navigation is simple and straightforward for a clear call to action to book an appointment
  • The webpage utilizes best SEO practices and structures
  • Choose the right CMS – generally WordPress
  • Ensure your website is built for mobile devices
  • Make your website interactive – videos
  • Share valuable blog content
  • Make your site easy to navigate

Four Standards to Follow for the Best Healthcare Website Designs

  1. Choose the right website builder/CMS = WordPress
  2. Include the right resources your patients need from your website and frequently add more
  3. Ensure your website has intuitive navigation
  4. Add an accessibility widget to your website

Important Features for a Healthcare Website Design

Every healthcare provider is unique in their own way. It is important to include the character of your healthcare practice while keeping in mind these key features listed below:

  • Accessibility
  • Engaging content and imagery
  • A curated user experience
  • Easy navigation
  • Useful website features

Here are some questions you may ask yourself as you build your website and choose your design:

  • Patient-first: Do they prioritize the patient? Do they have strong UX (user experience)? Is it accessible and user-friendly?
  • Simple: Do they make the complex more approachable? Do they communicate in a way—with copy and design—that the average person can understand?
  • Approachable, welcoming, and genuine: Do they put people at ease? Do they make something sterile feel personable? Do they feel genuine and unique, rather than cookie-cutter?

These are very important things to consider and will help your website come together. Being user-friendly and attractive is important to keep your viewers hooked, besides, who likes boring plain websites these days? That right! Not one person wants to just read some words in a paragraph, make it creative and welcoming, but don’t forget to make it “smart”, too!

Patient Reviews are Critical to Top Healthcare Website Design

What’s the first thing you look at when you’re looking to purchase a new-to-you product? Maybe some reviews? These are HIGHLY important in the healthcare industry. The number one thing many prospective patients look for is testimonials. This helps put them at ease when choosing a new healthcare practice for them; testimonials can also boost the credibility of your practice.

Places to showcase testimonials

  1. Provider pages – specific to that provider and their Google My Business
  2. Location pages – include location-specific testimonials
  3. Home page – showcase them as one of the first things new patients see!
  4. Treatment pages – include treatment-specific testimonials on related pages

Make sure your patient testimonials are easily accessed on your website and make it easy to keep reading!

Balance of SEO Content & Design is critical

Healthcare websites tend to offer a larger-than-normal amount of content on their pages. It is important to include engaging health-related content. With an easily navigated site, you can make use of well-written articles on subjects related to your practice.

  • Determine what healthcare topics are searched more frequently and create some content based on those results. Keep paragraphs short and to the point to keep your readers engaged, some imagery helps, too!
  • Create a content calendar to help keep the articles coming so readers have something new to look forward to very week.

Social Media

Do you have a platform for your practice?

Highlight some posts from your social media accounts in a blog post, and create a following.

Create some content surrounding the day-to-day routine at your practice and why it’s done that way, or share some stories from some of your staff and what they do.

Engage your audience, your prospective patients!

Best Healthcare Website Design Examples

Below are some examples for you to consider. Depending on what your goal is for your website, each of these may help you to understand some key features you may want to include. However, keep in mind your own unique ideas and healthcare practice characteristics. What works for one, may not work for another.

Patient Education

Patient education includes the process of influencing patient behavior, knowledge, attitude, and skills necessary to maintain or improve their health. It is a doctor’s responsibility to teach patients making patient education very important. Unfortunately, one of the leading causes of death in the US is unhealthy lifestyles. Below are some examples of websites that take patient education into account:

Screen Shot of Dr. Tollestrup's Website - Educational Healthcare Website Design Examples


Great Medical Website Design is Engaging

Patient engagement is vital to their health. It has become apparent that practices that engage and educate their patients tend to have more success with patient treatment as well as healthier patients altogether. Engagement goes right along with education, however, keeping patients engaged using education as well as keeping them involved in their own health decisions. Giving patients the option to make decisions and work closely with their doctors seems to help them overcome health obstacles efficiently and effectively. Below are some examples of excellent patient engagement designs:

Midlands Ortho Website Screen Shot - Engaging Healthcare Website Design Examples


Not only should your site attract patients to your practice, but it should also inspire people to be more proactive about their health. Below are some examples of websites that inspire patients to take on their health and live a healthier lifestyle:

WIFH Website Screen Shot - Inspiring Med Spa Website Design Examples


Nowadays, it seems technology is a large part of anyone’s life. Making your site interactive can help engage prospective patients and make them want to come to visit your practice. Below are some examples:

Livosa Website Screen Shot - Interactive Medical Website Design Examples

Hire the Best Healthcare Website Design Team for your New Practice Website

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