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As an orthopedic practice, you understand how much it means to rank at the top of search results for the surgeries you perform and conditions you treat. SEO for orthopedic practices has become an extremely competitive environment as more and more orthopedic practices have opened or been acquired to create localized search competition.

What are the benefits of Orthopedic SEO?

Ranking at the top of local search results for keywords like “knee surgeon near me”, “hip replacement specialist near me”, and “frozen shoulder treatment near me” is massive traffic, lead, and revenue generators for orthopedic practices. Considering that the top 3 search results in Google receive 75% of the clicks it is essential that you rank at the top for valuable keywords if you are going to drive organic traffic and new patient appointments. That is where orthopedic SEO comes into play. Patients are turning online to find solutions to their health problems more than ever and that means you need to be proactively focused on improving your rankings because your competitors are.

Increase keyword rankings
Drive new patient traffic
Book new appointments
Improve brand awareness

Become a thought leader

Retarget organic traffic in paid ads

What is SEO for Orthopedics?

Orthopedic SEO or search engine optimization for orthopedic surgeons is the process of ranking your website pages for specific keywords in search results to attract new, organic patients to your website without paid ads.

SEO for orthopedic doctors involves many different components of both on-page SEO (on your website) and off-site SEO (off your website) such as Google My Business, citations, reviews and more.

Orthopedic SEO Case Study

Partnering with one of the largest orthopedic practices in east Tennessee we grew their organic site traffic by 85% resulting in a 29% increase in new appointments in 90 days.

How We Approach SEO for Orthopedics

Orthopedic SEO is an evolving process that takes time, know-how and a multifaceted approach to grow a practice website and Google My Business rankings that dominate your local area in search results. We will cover some of the best orthopedic SEO strategies that we not only know work but we implement in our orthopedic marketing programs for our clients. We leverage these search engine optimization strategies to generate incredible results for our orthopedic clients (see our case studies) so if you follow these and stay consistent you will see your website traffic grow and you will start generating more high-value patient appointments.

Website SEO for Orthopedic Surgeons

Medical SEO starts with your website and the structures and content of your website, which is what we call on-page search engine optimization. These are the things that are in our control that we can do on your orthopedic website to follow Google best practices and position ourselves to rank for our target keywords. Below are a few of the most important things to do on your pages to strengthen their SEO…

Orthopedic SEO for Large, Multi-Location Practices

The approach to orthopedic SEO for multi-location practices takes a different, experienced approach. The reason is you cannot rank each subtreatment page for each geographical location you have simply by adding those cities to its title tag. You have to introduce what we call a “franchise” SEO model on your website similar to what a large franchise system sets up. This means the power of the “near me” search starts with proper location page infrastructure. We have 10+ years of experience working specifically with mid-to-large-size orthopedic groups helping them scale and open new locations.

Google Business Profile Optimization

Your off-site local SEO strategy all starts with your location and surgeon Google Business Profiles. It is the largest influencer over local search and carries the most weight in terms of traffic and positioning in SERPs. Therefore, investing the time and energy into optimizing your practice and physician Google Business Profiles is an essential part of a successful search engine optimization strategy.

Generating Reviews for Orthopedic Surgeons

Your reputation and reviews as an orthopedic practice are not only critical for bringing in new patients (80% of patients read reviews before booking an appointment) but they impact your local search rankings of the practice. How does generating new reviews positively impact your local SEO? The proof is in the search results. That is because Google’s algorithm is smart enough to not only know which profiles have the most reviews but to pick up on contextual keywords that are mentioned in the reviews which strongly correlate to higher rankings. That is why they bold the keywords in the reviews.

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Content Marketing for Orthopedic SEO

Content is king when it comes to your on-site orthopedic SEO strategy as we discussed earlier on the importance of having specific treatment pages. Taking it a step further and having an active blog will have a major impact on not only the rankings of those treatment pages but it gives you the ability to go after tons of “long-tail keywords”. Those are strings of keywords (usually in the form of questions) that people search for on Google, such as, “what causes frozen shoulder?”.

57% Increase in Organic Search New Patient Leads for Leading Kansas City Group

The organic search growth was amazing year over year. There was a 57% increase in organic search website leads, and a 53% increase organic website traffic.

SEO for Orthopedics Services

At Intrepy Healthcare Marketing, we offer a wide range of SEO for orthopedics services tailored to help your practice rank #1 for the things you offer in your geographical area. Not only do we offer the things we have reviewed but we have a suite of SEO services for orthopedic surgeons that go way beyond the basics to consistently produce massive wins for our orthopedic practices. Our orthopedic SEO services have been tested and proven to rank our clients above the competition and our goal is to get you in front of the right audience and bring in more of the profitable procedures and appointments you want and need to grow your practice.

Why Hire Our Orthopedic SEO Company?

Intrepy Healthcare Marketing is an award-winning healthcare marketing agency that specializes in orthopedic SEO services to reach new patients and generate new practice revenue. We have been 100% focused on medical practices and healthcare organizations since day one. Our SEO for orthopedic doctor services is vetted and we have the proof to show it. No guessing if your partner has marketed an orthopedic practice like yours before. Been there, grown that. We have worked with a 1 surgeon practice all the way up to some of the top 10 largest orthopedic practices in America. We understand the patient care journey and the unique ways to attract patients to your practice. As an orthopedic SEO company, we understand how patients find your practice online, what they search for and what strategies to leverage to position you at the top of your local market.