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What is Physician Liaison Marketing? Doctors refer to a practice they have established a relationship with where they can trust their patient’s care is in the best physician’s hands. It is essential to build a physician network and meet with local healthcare providers to discuss your approach to patient care. As a physician, patient care is the most important so building that communication and trust with fellow practitioners allow them the confidence to refer patients. Putting in the extra time and personal touch to meet with your physician network face to face is the proven way to make that happen. A physician liaison or physician relations manager is an ambassador for the physicians and practice to bridge the gap of communication and build strong referral physician relationships.

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Why Does A Practice Need Physician Liaison Marketing?

physician liaison marketing surveyThings were so much simpler for private practice physicians back in the day. Go to medical school, start a practice, put in the man-hours and before you know it a thriving, successful practice with a healthy referral flow. Unfortunately, gone are those days. Now without a comprehensive physician liaison program actively working to maintain your physician referrals and connect and grow new relationships, it is nearly impossible to sustain new patient flow and increase targeted procedures.

With the rise of hospital-owned practices and these hospitals closing off their referral streams to in-network providers only it is becoming more of a necessity for practices to develop a physician outreach department to survive, much less, thrive in the current medical landscape. Most doctors are at least familiar with the concept of a physician liaison because it is something that hospitals have been utilizing for years to improve the referral marketing relationships with their doctors. We find a lot of doctors even use to handle the door-to-door marketing themselves when they first started their practice and now have become so busy it has fallen by the wayside.

That is where Intrepy Healthcare Marketing’s Physician Liaison Marketing Programs comes in. We provide expert consulting and experience to help practices revamp or establish a comprehensive physician liaison program to quickly and effectively grow patient referrals and procedures. We rely on years of experience and a proven track record to deliver the highest return on investment for your program.

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How Can Physician Liaison Marketing Grow Your Practice?

  • Establish referral relationships with local doctors
  • Expand your healthcare network
  • Increase patient referrals
  • Increase high revenue procedures and surgeries
  • Increase overall practice revenue
  • Serve as a practice ambassador ensuring referring physicians have all the needed referral information to send patients without confusion and ease
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How Intrepy Builds a Physician Liaison Marketing Program

Intrepy Healthcare Marketing’s expert physician liaison consultants will help you every step of the way to building a successful physician liaison marketing program and reaching your goals. Our expert consultant’s help you from identifying candidates, implementing structures for tracking and reporting, physician liaison training and consulting, ongoing management and so much more! Our goal is to help you create a profitable physician liaison marketing specific to your practice and entirely your own! We work on developing checks and balances to help them with management and to understand the program and liaisons better to train them on developing messaging to referral providers to convert patients.

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The First Online Physician Liaison Training Solution

Physician Liaison University™ was built as a labor of love to help physician liaisons come together and feel empowered to grow themselves and their practice. It was developed through years of experience working with practices and hospitals across the US. The course includes 5 resource packed modules and includes a bonus module.

  • Module 1: The Signature Formula of A Physician Liaison
  • Module 2: Creating Your Marketing Blueprint
  • Module 3: The Art & Science Of Marketing To Referring Practices
  • Module 4: Building & Maintaining Strong Referral Relationships
  • Module 5: Tracking & Reporting ROI
  • Bonus Module: Healthcare Marketing Strategies

What Physician Liaison Services Do We Offer?

Training & Consulting

  • Identifying Internal or External Liaison Hire
  • Proprietary Training Program
  • Establishing Tracking & Reporting
  • In Field Training with Intrepy Expert
  • Collateral Development & Graphic Design
  • Internal Audits
  • Ongoing Program Support & Consulting
  • Packages Available on Request

Webinars & Masterclasses

  • Webinars Covering Specific Liaison Topics
  • Masterclasses Developed by Liaison Experts
  • Private 1 on 1 Training & Q&A Sessions
  • Whether You Have 1 or 1,000 Liaisons We can Train Them
  • Bonus Materials & Templates for Your Liaisons
William Powers, CEO
Infectious Disease Consultants
It is with great pleasure that I recommend Intrepy Healthcare Marketing. They are excellent in physician liaison programs encompassing marketing and consulting. They use a proprietary unique approach that produces revenue generating results. Expanding a network of new patient referrals has helped to grow my business to a new level. Thank you Intrepy.

Resources & Guides

  • Ebooks
  • Blog Posts
  • Webinars

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