Plastic Surgeons PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Advertising & Google Ads Management

Plastic surgery practices aim to acquire new patients every month. Google Ads for plastic surgery is one of the leading ways to generate procedure-specific, local patient appointments every month. Google ads for cosmetic surgery allow practices to bid on specific keywords related to conditions and treatments they want to generate new patients for. Intrepy Healthcare Marketing is a Google Partner and a leader in Google Ads for Plastic Surgery practices.

How do Google Ads for Plastic Surgery Work?

Plastic surgery Google ads are the first three to four search results that a patient sees at the top of a Google search when they enter a query such as “breast augmentation near me.” Through the Google ads platform, patients are offered adverts for cosmetic surgeons bidding on those specific keywords. The Intrepy team is a Google partner and expert in creating and optimizing Google Ads for cosmetic surgery practices. To begin, our team meets with a client and strategizes the top operations and symptoms for which they wish to schedule new patients. We then develop campaigns to run Google ads for cosmetic surgeons.

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What are the Benefits of Google Ads for Cosmetic Surgery?

Running Google ads for cosmetic surgeons vs Facebook ads or other advertising platforms available to medical firms has numerous key differences. When developing a marketing budget and paid advertising plan, it is crucial to grasp these differences. The main advantage of Google ads for surgeons over social marketing is the inherent distinction in where the patient is already in the sales funnel. This relates to “pull” advertising as opposed to “push” advertising, and it is where Google ads flourish in terms of generating high-quality leads for companies.

Unlike Facebook advertising, which is often “pushed” in front of a cold and unfamiliar potential patient who may not have a present need for your treatment option, Google ads for plastic surgeons have a level of buyer intent behind them. This implies that if a patient goes to Google and searches for particular answers on a treatment for which you are running Google ads, you already know they are a warm lead.

Don’t miss out on numbers like these!

252 Orthopedic Urgent Care Self Appointments in 1 Month

We developed a medical PPC ads strategy for Tennessee Orthopaedic Clinic’s three orthopedic urgent care facilities to drive new patient appointments. As a result of the campaigns, we are averaging 750+ phone calls and 250+ self-appointments and growing for around $2.68 per conversion.

What Should I Expect When Starting Google Ads for Plastic Surgeons?

We prefer to make sure new clients know what to anticipate in terms of the process and the increase in leads when we launch or optimize a Google Ads campaign for their practice. Setting up and releasing new Google advertising or revamping and optimizing an existing client account often takes less than 30 days. In the first 90 days, you should expect a steady stream of leads to begin in the first few weeks. In order to properly optimize your campaign at the level necessary to reduce your cost per lead and increase your conversion rate, you need 90 days worth of data. We then devote the next 6-12 months to maximizing lead quality and conversion costs by completely optimizing the campaigns and gaining a knowledge of what is working and where further improvements can be made.

What is Included in Your Cosmetic Surgery Google Ads?

Intrepy Healthcare Marketing provides our dermatology practices with full services and “white-glove” Google ads for dermatologists’ programs. All of the following and more are included:

Ad campaign and copy creation
Budget forecasting and recommendations
Landing page development
A/B optimization testing
Monthly campaign optimization
Remarketing graphic creation
Analytics tracking in our dashboards
Monthly meeting to review reports

How Much Should We Budget for Google Ads for Plastic Surgery?

When determining a reasonable monthly budget for Google ads for plastic surgeons, there is no set rule of thumb. Advertisement spending might cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars per month to several hundred thousand. Spending between $2,000 and $5,000 a month is reasonable if you want to attract new patients through a specific advertising campaign, targeted focus on a specific medical procedure, or specific geographic area. This will change depending on the market share of your competitors and the location of your advertising efforts. The cost will increase in proportion to the size of the city or the competitiveness of the keywords. We will manage budget forecasts and suggest initial budgets for your campaigns throughout the strategy process with our clients.

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