Dermatology Facebook Ads

Dermatology Facebook ads have long been an excellent tool for dermatological practices to attract new patients and book more appointments. You can reach a large audience on several social media platforms, including Instagram, and specifically target new local patients based on their demographic, geographic, and platform-related habits. If you need more patients for your dermatological clinic, Intrepy Healthcare Marketing can help. We have a team of dermatology Facebook ads professionals who consistently bring in new patients for our clients.

How do Facebook Ads for Dermatology Work?

Dermatology ads on Facebook and Instagram typically appear in the “news” feed, but they can also be displayed in other locations and take the form of images, GIFs, or videos accompanied by text detailing the service or product being advertised. In order to ensure that our customers’ advertisements reach the right patient and have the desired effect, Intrepy Healthcare Marketing collaborates with them directly to produce advertisement images, copy, and videos, as well as audience targeting and demographics.

What are the Benefits of Advertising on Social Media

When compared to other marketing platforms, Facebook offers many advantages for dermatology businesses looking to attract new patients and fill appointment slots. Despite a potential client’s lack of familiarity with your brand or service, the visual nature of Facebook advertisements makes it easy to capture their attention and tell a captivating tale. It is possible to reach new patients using this “push” advertising strategy.

Using Facebook Pixel on your site also allows you to “remarket” to people who have already visited your site by displaying adverts to them (these people are called “warm audiences”). If done right, this can generate high-quality leads and appointments for dermatological clinics at a reasonable cost.

What Should I Expect When Starting Facebook Ads for Dermatology?

When launching or optimizing an ads campaign for a new client practice, we prefer to ensure that they are aware of the expected process and lead growth. The first process consists of designing the commercials’ creatives, which is the primary factor influencing the success of advertising campaigns. In the first 30 days, we will test your Facebook pixel configuration and launch introductory Facebook advertising for your dermatological business. As leads begin to arrive weekly, we will then concentrate on the first 90 days to optimize lead expenses. During the first six to twelve months, we will test new ad creatives, implement remarketing campaigns, and concentrate on reducing lead costs and maximizing conversions.

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What is Included at Your Dermatology Facebook Advertising Agency?

Intrepy Healthcare Marketing offers full-service, white-glove Facebook ads for dermatology practice programs. This includes all the following and more:

Ad campaign and copy creation
Budget forecasting and recommendations
Landing page development
A/B optimization testing
Monthly campaign optimization
Remarketing graphic creation
Analytics tracking in our dashboards
Monthly meeting to review reports

How Much do Facebook Ads for Dermatology Practices Cost?

While there is no hard and fast rule for how much dermatological clinics should spend monthly on Facebook dermatology ads, there are a few crucial factors to examine and keep in mind when budgeting. With monthly advertising expenditures ranging from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of dollars, it can be difficult to determine the optimal budget for your clinic.

You should normally plan to invest at least $2-$5K per campaign, whether it’s a treatment or procedure focus, or a region where you want to generate new patient leads per month. This will vary based on the competition and geographic area in which you are running campaigns; the larger the city or the greater the popularity of the search phrases, the higher your budget should be. During the strategy phase with our clients, we will manage budget forecasts and make recommendations for campaign budgets.

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