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SEO Audit Tool

The Free SEO Audit tool will give your Website’s SEO Audit Report. Just enter a URL below and an email so we know where to send your audit report.

What is included in my website SEO Audit?

The FREE SEO audit tool with give an SEO report complete with an overall site grade, errors, significant warnings in need of fix, top 3 main issues on website and more.

  1. Score Summary
  2. Ranking Analysis
  3. Competitor Ranking Comparison
  4. Backlink Profile
  5. Content Quality Analysis
  6. Structured Data
  7. On Page SEO Analysis
  8. Page Speed
  9. Internal Linking Profile
  10. Insights & Recommedations
seo audit tool includes

Why Generate an SEO Website Audit Report?

Your website is the most important marketing asset your business has. When it comes to a successful SEO strategy it all starts with the structure and content of your website. If it is not properly structured for on-page SEO all your other SEO efforts will directly suffer.

This SEO audit report is a high-level report to give you the tools and direction you need to begin to improve your search engine optimization.

If you desire we can pull and additional technical SEO audit report that analyzes 1000s of data points. It tends to be a 40-50 page report so we do not include it in our initial SEO audit.

SEO Audit Checklist

  1. Overall Site Structure
  2. Proper use of H Tags on each page
  3. Title tag contains focus keyword on each page
  4. Enticing Meta description
  5. Content on page contains keyword and related long-tail keywords
  6. Page speed with 2-3 second load time or less
  7. Images contain ALT tags
  8. URL is short and contains focus keyword
  9. No broken links are on page
  10. Page contains internal links to related pages on website
  11. Page contains external backlinks from related websites

SEO Audit Tool FAQs

How long does an SEO Audit take?

This SEO audit takes 1 hour or less to perform. Generally, it is just a few minutes to receive the report via email. Once you have received the report take a look and feel free to reach out to us for a FREE, no obligation consultation to review. We can provide even more in-depth analysis included an off-site Local SEO report.

You will have a well-rounded plan for what needs to be fixed on your site to improve you overall rankings and drive new traffic to your website.

How do I use the SEO Audit tool correctly?

To use the SEO audit tool simply enter your root URL ( and your email address to we have a place to send the report. Once you have done that check the little box to agree to submit and click the “Audit Now” button and you are good to go!

What do the things in my report mean? 

The first thing you will see in your report is the “Total Score”. This is an aggregate of the top 25 pages we have crawled on your website for how they are structured including H tags, title tags, page speed, broken link, meta descriptions and more.

Who do I talk to about the results of my report?

The contents of this report should be delivered to your website team to be handled immediately but with expert knowledge and care. If you do not have a current webmaster or SEO agency to help with the results of this audit feel free to reach out to one of our SEO experts and we can help.

Does Your Agency offer a Full SEO Audit?

For sure! As stated above this audit is a high level look at your website’s search engine optimization. However, if you are interested in a the complete, in-depth technical SEO analysis we are happy to run that report for you FREE of charge. Just reach out and let us know and we are happy to run the report and review the results if needed.

How long will it take to see results if I fix the SEO audit issues?

While you should definitely see improvements in your websites search ranking performance by fixing the items laid out in this audit there are too many variables to tell how quickly they will be evident. A review call with a team member could give you a much more accurate timeline based on what is needed to be done.

I am having trouble with my SEO…can you help?

That is what we are here for! One of our specialties is to help businesses optimize with websites for search engines and put SEO strategies in place to beat their competition and rank highly for the keywords that matter most to them.

Can you check my competitor’s SEO?

We can in the in-depth SEO analysis. If you give us a list of your 3-5 top competitors we can run a keyword, website and “GAP” analysis to see where you a lagging behind in search and identify “low-hanging” SEO wins that you can make today.

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