Plastic Surgery Marketing Guide to Reach Local Patients #181

Justin Knott
Sep 6, 2023

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How can an omnichannel advertising approach optimize your marketing campaign’s effectiveness?


Today, Justin dives into the trends in plastic surgery and aesthetics practices marketing. He discusses how SEO is the key to success in this highly competitive space and how content is the biggest driver of local search rankings. He explains why investing in organic SEO and supplementing it with paid ads can benefit your surgical practice and the importance of video in plastic surgery marketing. Discover how to plan for success when creating an omnichannel advertising approach using short video assets and the best ways to prepare with themes, topics, and influencer involvement for maximum impact.


Tune in now to get these expert tips on marketing plastic surgery practices!



[00:01 – 04:11] Winning the Search Game: Optimizing Your Plastic Surgery Practice with SEO and Content

[04:12 – 08:09] Automating Your Process to Generate Reviews & Increase Google Business Profile Visibility

[08:10 – 11:47] Leveraging Video and Social Media: Planning Ahead for Success

[08:10 – 13:02] Wrapping Up!



Key Quotes:



“A content program is a foundational piece to SEO and winning search, especially if you’re in a major metropolitan area; it really is the key driver.” – Justin Knott


“If you’re doing a really good job from an advertising standpoint using search ads and programmatic display advertising, you really should be able to get in front of the right type of patient with the right type of buyer profile and buyer intent.” – Justin Knott


“Get video and get up there and begin an omnichannel advertising approach.” – Justin Knott



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