Why is Medical SEO Important?

Justin Knott
CEO - Intrepy Healthcare Marketing

Updated: 5/29/19

In today’s digital world, most people in business have heard of medical SEO or search engine optimization for doctors; however, not everyone knows what it is or why it is important. In years gone by, before we entered into the digital era, SEO meant nothing to businesses. In fact, there was no SEO.

However, over the last two decades, SEO has become vital in every industry especially the medical industry. When it comes to medical SEO, there are many reasons why it is important.

Like every other industry in the world of business, the medical industry has become a highly competitive one. If you want to improve your success levels and attract more customers, developing and implementing the right medical SEO strategies is vital.

What Is Medical SEO?

SEO refers to the methods that are used in order to improve the visibility of your page or website in search engine rankings. It is important to remember that most consumers will not trawl page after page of results when looking for a particular service or product. In fact, the top 3 search results for a query receive over 50% of the clicks.

By using the right SEO strategies, you can ensure your page or site is up there toward the top rather than lost in the millions of results. With medical SEO, the methods you use and the effectiveness of your strategies will make a big difference in terms of your rankings, website traffic and patient growth compared to other providers that offer similar services.

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Is There a Need for SEO for Doctors?

In today’s world of stiff competition and digital technology, SEO for doctors is more important than ever. Your medical facility is a business and as such is competing against many local practices that offer the same services. Without the use of SEO, you don’t stand a chance of being noticed online with so many competitors vying for the top spot in search rankings.

The higher up your website is in the rankings, the more likely you are to get website visitors and new customers. Healthcare SEO is a vital part of making sure you are higher up in the rankings.

We now live in a digital world where many people rely on the internet to find the services they are looking for, including medical services. 72%+ of Internet users say they looked online for health information within the past year. This means that nearly 3/4 of your patient base are turning to search to find health-related information and practices and providers locally to solve their health concerns.

By developing and implementing the right medical SEO strategies, you can more easily benefit from the popularity of digital technology.

The Key Benefits of Medical Search Engine Optimization

There are many benefits that come with ensuring you develop and implement a solid medical SEO strategy. This is something that can make a huge difference to the success of your medical practice or facility in today’s digital age. So, let’s take a look at the key benefits of medical SEO:

Increasing the Visibility of Your Facility Online

It is important to remember that when people go online to search for a particular treatment or service, they will rarely make it through more than 1-2 pages of results. This is why it is vital for you to try to increase your online visibility on search engines for the procedures and treatments you wise to rank for.

Otherwise, you will always end up missing out on website traffic due to the fact that consumers will stop searching way before they get to your website. By using medical SEO to improve your website rankings, you can increase the visibility of your facility online.

Boosting Consumer Confidence in Your Facility

When you use medical SEO to improve the ranking of your website online, you can also boost consumer confidence in your facility. Consumers tend to have far more confidence in businesses that appear toward the top of the search engine results when they carry out a search for a particular service or product.

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Appearing high up on organic search engine results pages can, therefore, pay dividends when it comes to instilling greater levels of confidence among consumers.

Helping to Reduce Your Digital Marketing Costs

As many medical practices and facilities will know, marketing can be a very costly affair. In years gone by, healthcare marketing often involved extremely expensive methods such as radio, print, and TV advertising. However, in today’s digital era you can eliminate many of these costs simply by getting your SEO strategy spot-on. Digital marketing is a far cheaper, more agile, and targeted of marketing.

Effective medical SEO usage can help you to dramatically reduce your marketing costs while still enabling you to attract more customers. It is a longer-term play over Paid Search but in the grand scheme of things it can produce an ROI that outweighs PPC if you can rank organically for your keywords. Why? Because those clicks are free vs. pay per click!

Boosting Medical Website Traffic

We all know that having a high-quality website and strong online presence is important in this day and age. However, there is little point in having a website that does not receive much patient traffic that fits your target demographic, because this will not benefit you or your business.

Obviously, the point of having a website is to get as many interested people on there as possible with the goal that you can convert them from website visitors into patients. By using medical SEO effectively, you can improve the placement of your website, which in turn helps to increase website traffic.

Excellent Return on Investment (ROI)

When it comes to Return on Investment or ROI, SEO can provide a far higher reward rate than paid advertising solutions if performed correctly. When you implement a proper SEO strategy, you will be able to market your facility and services to those who are already looking for the types of services and products you offer.

A.K.A “low hanging fruit” who are already seeking out your services or solutions in some capacity.

When your facility comes up in the search engine results, it will be because the consumer has been searching for providers that offer your medical services. You are, therefore, already halfway there in terms of acquiring that new customer. All you have to do then is convince them that you are the best practice for their needs.

A Cost-Effective Solution

Digital advertising and marketing costs for any business can be really high particularly if you are marketing to those who may or may not be interested in your services. When you advertise in a magazine, for instance, a lot of the people who read the magazine won’t be interested in your services or facility. They will simply flick the page and continue reading the magazine.

When you advertise on TV, many viewers may not be interested and will simply ignore the advertisement or go off to make a cup of tea until the show starts again. When you utilize medical SEO, you can increase your visibility to those who are specifically interested in the type of service you offer.

Getting Help from an SEO Agency

One thing to remember about any sort of SEO initiatives is that you need to get it just right in order to enjoy all of these benefits.

A correct search engine optimization strategy does not contain one component but multiple on and off-site components working together toward the same goal backed by data and analysis.

While the benefits of a proper strategy can be substantial getting there relies on know-how, resilences and constant flexibility and learning because of the constant evolution of search algorithms. This can make it very difficult to achieve substantial results without the help of a skilled professional with proven track records.

When looking for someone to aid the practice in improving local SEO make sure to vet and ensure they are using industry best practices and have case studies to back it up. All too often there are “black hat SEO” tactics and corners are cut to achieve short term results. However, Google WILL ALWAYS catch up and downgrade or penalize your site.

Great rankings are not built overnight and investing the time will reap the rewards.

SEO for Healthcare Can Make All the Difference

As you can see from the many benefits outlined above, effective use of SEO tactics can make all the difference for your dental or medical practice. In today’s highly competitive medical industry, it is vital to ensure you stand head and shoulders above the competition. It is also crucial to remember the ever-increasing popularity of digital technology among consumers who are looking for medical facilities and treatments. When you put these two factors together, you can see just why medical SEO is so important and why you need to ensure you get it just right.

Once you have developed and implemented the perfect SEO strategy, it will pay dividends in many ways. You will find it much easier to promote and market your services, more cost effective to acquire new customers and patients, and easier to generate interest in what you have to offer. Better still, once you have your SEO strategy in place, your website will do the hard work for you because it will attract people who are already looking for the specific services you offer.

SO what are you waiting for? Get started implementing search optimization strategies for your practice now! The worst thing you can do is wait one more day. And if you are lost on where to start call in someone to help!

Ready to get more patients?

At Intrepy we speicialze in growing medical practices like yours.

Ready to get more patients?

At Intrepy we speicialze in growing medical practices like yours.

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