6 Simple Medical Marketing Tactics To Increase Patient Volume

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Kelley Knott
CEO, Intrepy Healthcare Marketing

Best Medical Practice Marketing Strategies to Increase Patient Volume in 2019

Getting the leg up on the competition and attracting potential patients can be difficult and deciding which actions you need to take can be even more daunting.

But if you have found yourself asking, “What can I do to increase patients to my practice?”

Here are 6 easy (but highly effective) strategies you can implement to increase patient volume.

1. Invest in a High Quality Medical Website 

Your website is one of the most critical digital assets of your business, and that is an investment that needs to be taken seriously.

If you think of building a healthcare marketing strategy like building a house, your website is the foundation. It is what every other strategy is built upon. Invest in a great foundation, and the program will reap the rewards. On top of that, your website serves as a 24/7/365 salesperson that is always ready to deliver information to potential patients right when they need it.

Justin Knott, President Intrepy Healthcare Marketing

To create a high converting medical website that will drive patients to your practice, you need to communicate the nuances of the practice and key differentiators. Make sure your medical website is unique to the patient experience of your practice and user-friendly.

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Questions You Should Ask To Make Sure Your Medical Website Is Built To Convert Patients:

-Is your website fully responsive to mobile & tablets?

It’s crucial patients can easily view and use your website while on the go. Potential patients search for physicians and medical practices on their phones or tablets, making it essential that patients can easily navigate your site, and collect information. And most importantly, there needs to be a clear and straightforward call to action to schedule an appointment.

-Have you highlighted your featured services on the home page?

This may seem obvious, but this is your opportunity to promote your high revenue services or procedures. Consider down selecting your services to feature your core high revenue procedures.

Are you an ENT physician that can improve the quality of life for someone suffering from sinusitis with a non-invasive balloon dilation procedure that reduces patient recovery time? Maybe you’re an Ophthalmologist that helps patients see clearly with Lasik, whatever your specialty take advantage of this sales opportunity.

-Does Your Website Have a Blog?

Ensure that patients visit and stay on your medical practice site with a robust educational blog area. The more original and keyword-rich content on your website, the more love you get from Google search results.

-Do you have a designated staff and provider page?

Patients want to know who will be handling their care and want to learn about their physicians. To boost the medical SEO for your practice physicians; dedicate individual pages for physician bios, credentials, and more that way you guarantee when patients do specific physician search your medical practice website shoots to the top over review sites.

-Do you have the proper SEO & Keyword Research?

This is a biggie! A solid search engine optimization (SEO) strategy for a medical or dental practice starts with the foundation of your website.

-Are your patient testimonials featured?

Patient reviews are a HUGE influencer to generate new patients for a practice.

Potential patients want to hear from others who have been treated at your practice.

-Do you have lead forms on your medical website that are easy to use for patients scheduling appointments? 

well designed medical website makes it VERY  easy for a potential patient to request a new appointment on their website.

-Are you collecting potential patient information with an email newsletter?

Make it easy and clear with call to actions on your website to sign up for the practice newsletter.

email newsletter healthcare marketing

A proactive medical practice newsletter that is jampacked with educational info, specials, call to actions, is a great way to keep ongoing touchpoints with current, past and potential patients.

-Are you showcasing your before and after cases?

This may not apply to every medical specialty, but it’s essential to find a way to showcase patient case studies for specific treatments you offer. Patients like to see cases that are similar to their own and view the results.

-Do you have videos that feature your physicians?

Patients prefer video, and it has quickly started to become the preferred way to get information online.  According to a 2019 study, an astonishing  85% of online traffic will be generated by videos.

-Is your website optimized for speed?

Avoid high bounce rates and long re-loads with a website built to deliver information rapidly to users.

page speed seo

2. Optimize the Practice Website for SEO

In 2018 nearly  80% of all patients turned online to search for medical information, physicians, and practices.

In 2019 it is imperative that you are ranking high in Google for your main medical services and keywords over your medical practice competitors.

The Benefits of SEO For a Medical Practice:

  • Improve website traffic
  • Rank higher for keywords
  • Capture competitors’ websites traffic
  • Attract new patients organically
  • Increase monthly leads and appointment calls
  • Build brand authority through backlinks
  • Physicians gain a reputation as industry leaders
  • Generate new reviews
  • Tracking monthly to improve efforts continuously

Content marketing and backlink building need to be a core part of your medical SEO. Create a highly effective content marketing strategy with content your patients want to engage with.

3. Advertise On Google Ads & Social Media

Digital advertising has become an essential tool for a digital marketing strategy for medical practices.

Patient’s turn to Google, Facebook, and other platforms and search engines to find a local practice or information on a particular procedure. You want to be there when and where they are looking for information about medical services and surgeries.

urology marketing agency digital advertising

Digital advertising offers a unique advertising experience, unlike traditional media, and that is the incredible capability to track and record analytics. Analytics gives the ability to reach your exact patients based on age, sex, interests, income, geographical area, and more!

4. Build an Online Community on Social Media

A fantastic way to promote and share your services is to utilize the world of social media.

Social media platforms are one of the top search results on the web.

For example, search for a local dermatology practice by name, 99% of the time their Facebook page will be on the first page.

Patients love to interact and disseminate information about their healthcare and practitioners on social media.

Get your providers involved and start creating video content that patients can relate to.

Social media can be an easy and resourceful tool not only to attract patients, improve search, but help your practice engage with patients as well.

5. Grow New Patient Referral with Physician Liaison Marketing

Develop a proactive physician outreach program to connect with the referring physicians and practices in your community.

Build strong physician referral relationships with your neighboring physicians by employing a physician liaison or physician relations manager.

A physician liaison will help you connect your medical practice, and it’s physicians to referring physicians, grow patient referrals, and increase overall practice revenue.

A designated physician liaison can make sure referring practices have all the materials they need to refer to easily. A physician liaison will also serve as a practice ambassador for the physicians they represent to streamline communication and provide value for referring doctors.

6. Start Networking in the Community

Expand your local healthcare network trough medical and business associations. Joining your local chamber of commerce is one of the easiest ways.

Connect with colleagues and potential patients in a professional environment. In healthcare and business associations, you get the amazing opportunity to speak candidly in a relaxed atmosphere, all while promoting your practice.

Wrap Up – Strategies to Increase Patient Volume at Your Practice

Keep the marketing clear and consistent and patient focused with their experience in mind.

Invest in marketing efforts designed to generate patients and the unique needs of your practice.

Ask yourself, “Are there ways I can be more visible and connect with potential patients that I am currently not doing?”

Afterall, you’re the best in the biz; it’s time you get the word out.

A full-service digital agency is familiar with the medical world and has the experience and skillsets to help you reach your goals and drive patients!.

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