How Physicians Get One Full Day a Week of Time Back w/ Tracy Cherpeski #171

Justin Knott
CEO - Intrepy Healthcare Marketing

Is it possible as an established practice owner to grow your business while you take back your time? In this episode, Tracy Cherpeski explains how she works with physicians to help them manage their time more effectively so that they can achieve their goals. She breaks down the different quadrants in which tasks can be sorted to understand what needs our attention and what can be delegated. Tracy remarks on the importance of communicating with your team members to make sure that everyone is on the same page, and discloses why marketing is a key element in the health area. Listen and enjoy!

Tracy L. Cherpeski – MBA, MA, CPSC, is an executive coach and leadership development expert. With a background in operations and a passion for bringing out peoples’ potential for success, she serves her clients with the highest level of professionalism, with a keen eye toward improving operational structures and productivity, and increasing profitability. Her coaching, consulting, and training programs offer integrated leadership, executive development, and mindset mastery.

Key Highlights:

Take Back a Day a Week to Overcome Physician Burnout

How to Prioritize Tasks and Delegate Wisely

Tips for Integrating a New Time Management System for Physicians

Why Marketing is Essential in Your Practice

Wrapping Up!

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Resources Mentioned:

Thriving Practice

Key Quotes:

“We really don’t have control over time, we have control over how we lead ourselves through our time.” – Tracy Cherpeski

 “The marketing piece is vital. Even if you are at max capacity currently, if you’re considering increasing capacity, or having long-term success and staying in business and in practice for the long term, marketing is a long-term game.” – Tracy Cherpeski

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Ready to get more patients?

At Intrepy we specialize in growing medical practices like yours.

Ready to get more patients?

At Intrepy we specialize in growing medical practices like yours.

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