Proven Healthcare Content Marketing Strategies to Boost Traffic

Justin Knott
Jun 11, 2024

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Leveraging years of industry experience and data-driven insights, we will unravel proven content marketing strategies that have effectively amplified web traffic for countless healthcare organizations Intrepy Healthcare Marketing has worked with.

Whether you’re a burgeoning healthcare startup, a long-established hospital, or a specialized clinic, this article will equip you with the tactical knowledge to skyrocket your online presence and engage your target audience.

What is Healthcare Content Marketing?

Healthcare content marketing is a strategic marketing approach that focuses on creating, publishing, and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience – ultimately driving patient engagement and loyalty.

This approach goes beyond traditional advertising tactics, as it positions healthcare providers as knowledgeable and trustworthy sources of information, enhancing their brand reputation.

By educating patients and providing solutions to their health concerns through various content formats – including blog posts, articles, social media updates, videos, podcasts, and more – healthcare content marketing helps organizations build meaningful relationships with their audience, stimulate interest in their services, and ultimately increase patient volumes.

Different Types of Content Marketing in Healthcare

In the healthcare sector, content marketing encompasses a variety of formats, each offering unique opportunities to connect with patients and establish your brand as a trusted healthcare provider.

Healthcare Blog Posts

Blog posts offer an ideal platform for sharing expert knowledge, breaking down complex health topics, and discussing recent developments in healthcare. They can drive search engine traffic, boost your authority in the industry, and encourage patient engagement.

Healthcare Video Content

Videos can help humanize your brand, allowing patients to see the faces behind your organization. Educational videos, patient testimonials, or behind-the-scenes tours of your facility can make your healthcare organization more relatable and trustworthy.

Healthcare Social Media Content

Social media platforms offer a way to reach a larger audience, disseminate healthcare information, and interact directly with patients. Whether it’s infographics on Instagram, live Q&As on Facebook, or short health tips on Twitter, social media allows for a more personal connection.

Healthcare Email Newsletters

Newsletters are an effective way to keep your audience informed about the latest health news, services, and tips. They help maintain a consistent line of communication with your patients and remind them of your commitment to their health.

Healthcare Podcasts

The growing popularity of medical podcasts presents a unique opportunity to delve deeper into health topics, interview experts, and provide valuable insights in a convenient audio format.

By diversifying your content marketing strategy, you can reach different segments of your audience and cater to their unique preferences, thereby fostering stronger relationships and increasing patient engagement.

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The Impact of Healthcare Content Marketing: A Case Study

There is no better way to see the impact of content marketing on medical SEO than to take a look at real-life client case studies.

Below you will find the story of two clients for which we focused on growing treatment and condition content on their websites as part of their medical content marketing strategy.


healthcare content marketing intrepy

The initial orthopedic marketing goal for OSMC over the first 6 months was to strengthen its local rankings by creating new content on its website for treatments and conditions.

As a result, their organic search traffic has increased by 31% over that time period.

Including a 55.7% increase in organic traffic from November 2022 compared to May 2023.

This shows the direct impact of healthcare content marketing and medical SEO combined.

Orthopedic Health of Kansas City

The same thing for Orthopedic Health of Kansas City, we wanted to leverage medical content marketing to drive new organic search users in their local markets.

healthcare content marketing strategies

Over the last 6 months alone, this content strategy has netted Ortho Health of KC nearly 20% more organic search traffic.

Another great example of healthcare content marketing at work.

4 Top Medical Content Marketing Strategies & Tips

In a constantly evolving digital landscape, successful healthcare content marketing requires more than simply creating and sharing content. It necessitates the application of strategic methods designed to maximize engagement, foster trust, and boost online visibility.

Here, we delve into four top healthcare content marketing strategies and tips that have consistently proven effective in driving website traffic and enhancing patient engagement for our clients here at Intrepy Healthcare Marketing.

These methods – rooted in understanding your audience, optimizing for search engines, utilizing storytelling, and leveraging data analytics – are tailored to help healthcare organizations like yours stand out in the crowded digital space and create a meaningful, lasting impact on your audience.

Write Treatment and Conditions Specific Content

Creating content that is specific to treatments and conditions plays a crucial role in healthcare content marketing. This type of content not only positions your organization as an authoritative voice within the industry but also addresses the specific health-related queries and concerns of potential patients.

Here at Intrepy, we always say “If you want to rank for it, you need a page for it”.

To start, identify the common conditions and treatments associated with your healthcare specialization. For instance, for an orthopedic clinic, you might create content around knee replacement surgery, arthritis, or sports injury prevention. Break down these topics into understandable language, avoiding excessive medical jargon that could alienate your audience.

For each piece, aim to provide comprehensive information, including the causes, symptoms, diagnostic procedures, treatment options, and preventive measures associated with the condition.

Offering a wealth of information on a specific topic not only provides value to your readers but also boosts your medical SEO ranking, making your content more likely to appear in search engine results when individuals seek information about these specific health issues.

Remember, the goal is to inform and educate your audience, helping them understand their health better. By doing so, you’re building a rapport and trust with potential patients who are likely to turn to you when they need medical assistance related to these conditions.

Keyword Research and Local Competitor Analysis is Key

Keyword research and local competitor analysis are fundamental strategies in effective healthcare content marketing. They help you understand what your target audience is searching for and how your competitors are addressing these needs, enabling you to create content that stands out and drives traffic.

Start by identifying the keywords related to your healthcare specialty. There are several tools available, such as Google Keyword Planner and SEMRush, which provide insights into the most searched-for terms and phrases in your field. Opt for a mix of broad terms (e.g., “orthopedic services”) and long-tail keywords (e.g., “symptoms of rotator cuff injuries”) to capture a wide range of search intents.

Once you have your keyword list, use these terms naturally throughout your content – in the title, headings, body text, meta descriptions, and URL if possible. This not only makes your content more discoverable by search engines, but it also makes it highly relevant to what your audience is seeking.

At the same time, conducting a local competitor analysis can provide a wealth of information. Identify your main competitors and analyze their content.

What keywords are they targeting? What topics are they covering? How are they engaging with their audience? This understanding allows you to identify gaps in their strategies that you can exploit, and also learn from their successful tactics.

Remember, the goal isn’t to copy your competitors but to gain insights that allow you to craft a unique, engaging, and SEO-friendly content strategy that propels you ahead in the healthcare marketing landscape.

Invest in Video as a Top Healthcare Content Marketing Focus

With the ongoing digital revolution, video has emerged as one of the most compelling and engaging content marketing formats.

For healthcare providers, investing in video content can be particularly impactful, as it offers a unique opportunity to connect with patients on a personal level, simplify complex health information, and foster trust in your brand.

Videos can take a variety of forms, each serving a different purpose in your content marketing strategy. Educational videos can break down complex medical concepts into easily understandable narratives, making healthcare information more accessible.

Patient testimonial videos provide real-life stories of recovery and healing, instilling confidence in your services. Behind-the-scenes videos humanize your brand, showcasing the dedication and compassion of your team.

Remember to keep your videos short, engaging, and focused on delivering value to the viewer. And most importantly, optimize them for SEO – include relevant keywords in the title, description, and tags, and consider adding transcripts for accessibility and enhanced SEO performance.

Furthermore, ensure your video content is easily shareable across multiple platforms – from your website to social media channels. This increases your content’s reach, maximizes engagement, and amplifies the potential for traffic growth.

As you continue to produce high-quality, relevant video content, you’ll solidify your organization’s position as a trustworthy, patient-centered healthcare provider.

To help make this process even more feasible, the CaptureMD video marketing for doctors tool was designed by the founders of Intrepy Healthcare Marketing. This video tool was created to help physicians create video content and collect patient video testimonials and can help professionals in the healthcare industry grow their traffic and engagement.

Write Long-form Blog Content to Support your Treatment Rankings

Creating long-form blog content is another powerful healthcare content marketing strategy that can help improve your SEO rankings, particularly for specific treatments and services you offer.

Long-form content, typically defined as articles exceeding 1,200 words, provides ample opportunities for comprehensive coverage of topics, utilization of targeted keywords, and inclusion of valuable resources that benefit your readers.

By crafting in-depth articles that explore specific treatments in detail, you can educate your audience about the various aspects of the treatment process – from initial diagnosis to post-treatment care.

Such detailed content is often perceived as more valuable by both your audience and search engines. For instance, if you run an orthopedic clinic, a long-form blog post about ACL repairs could cover everything from what the procedure is, why it’s done, how patients can prepare for it, what to expect during recovery, and so forth.

When creating long-form content, ensure it is well-structured and easy to navigate. Use headers, sub-headers, bullet points, and images to break up the text and make it easier for readers to digest. Moreover, remember to incorporate your targeted keywords naturally within the content to boost its search engine visibility.

Furthermore, long-form content provides more opportunities for backlinking, where other websites link back to your content. These backlinks can significantly improve your SEO performance, driving more organic traffic to your website.

However, remember that while length is important, quality should never be compromised.

Focus on delivering thorough, accurate, and valuable information that meets your readers’ needs and enhances their understanding of the treatments you offer.

Wrapping Up Healthcare Content Marketing Tips

Medical content marketing is a powerful tool that can significantly boost your online presence, engage your audience, and grow your patient base.

By focusing on condition and treatment-specific content, conducting diligent keyword research and competitor analysis, investing in video content, and crafting long-form blog posts, you can establish your healthcare organization as a trusted authority in your field.

These strategies not only provide your audience with valuable information that improves their health literacy but also foster trust and loyalty towards your brand. Remember, successful content marketing is not just about quantity but also the quality and relevance of the content you produce.

It’s a continuous learning and optimization process that evolves with your audience’s needs and the ever-changing digital landscape. By staying informed and adaptable, your healthcare organization can harness the power of content marketing to achieve sustainable growth.

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