6 Reasons Investing in Great Medical Website Design Is Worth It

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Justin Knott
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As the owner or manager of a medical facility, you have to remember that you are essentially running a business. While medical treatment and procedures are always going to be in demand, there is a lot of stiff competition within this industry. As such, you have to ensure you market your facility and services in the same way as any other business would.

This includes making sure you have a good quality website for existing and potential customers to access. Your website is basically your virtual shop front. This is why you need to ensure you opt for professional medical website design.

Why Is Professional Medical Website Design So Important?

There are many reasons why a professional medical website design is so important. Over recent years, the internet has become increasingly popular among consumers for accessing all sorts of products and services.

These consumers often form their initial opinion about a company based on the quality and appeal of the website. If they see a website that is littered with mistakes, looks shabby, and provides very little in the way of useful information, they will move on to another provider.

On the other hand, if the consumer finds a website that is professionally designed, well laid out, user-friendly, and packed with relevant information, they will want to delve further. In addition, it will provide them with the confidence to consider using the services of that company.

So, if you want to attract people to your facility and boost your customer numbers, it is essential to ensure you invest in professional medical website design.

How Professional Medical Website Design Can Make a Difference

When you invest in professional medical website design, it can make a huge difference in many ways. There is a reason why so many medical facilities invest heavily in ensuring they have a really professional and slick website. When it comes to something as important as medical treatments and procedures, consumers want to ensure they are making the right choice in relation to the professional or facility they go to. Something as simple as the appearance and usability of your website can make all the difference to those making this decision.

So, let’s take a look at 6 of the key benefits you can look forward to with this investment:

1. Reduced Bounce Rate

When it comes to something as important as medical procedures and treatments, consumers naturally want the best.

If they go onto a medical website and find outdated information, poorly created content, no content, or low-quality images, they will think twice about investigating any further. In fact, in many cases, they will simply close your site and head to the next one.

What is “bounce rate” and why does it matter?

As defined by Google: “A bounce is a single-page session on your site.” That means that is a potential patient visits your website and say, goes to the home page and finds the experience less than stellar and leaves immediately, that would be considered a bounce.

While bounce rate may not directly impact the overall SEO of your website or particular pages it does in a roundabout way.

If Google is picking up on high bounce rates and quick exits from patients it could eventually deduct that this website is obviously not the answer to the particular query or service a patient is looking for because people keep leaving.

Therefore, they should return your competitor’s site hire in search because people stay there when they visit.

If, on the other hand, you have invested in a professional medical website design that looks slick, provides a user-friendly experience, and is eye-catching, your website visitors are far more likely to remain on your site rather than heading elsewhere and taking their business to a competitor.

A website is about experience and concisely and directly giving a customer the answer to the questions/information they seek.

2. Increased Confidence from Visitors

The appearance and professionalism of any practice website can make or break a business because it can impact the confidence levels of website visitors. If someone visits your website and doesn’t like what they see, they will not have any confidence in you and will most likely not delve any further.

However, when you have a professional medical website design that impresses your visitors, they will continue browsing your site because they will naturally have more confidence in your services and skills as a practitioner.

Studies and research have shown that when people go into a website that is badly designed and difficult to navigate, they will close the site and move on.

Likewise, if the site looks shoddy, unprofessional or is not optimized for mobile devices, the reaction will be the same.

3. A Boost in Patient Numbers

You will be amazed at just what well-built website can do for your new patient numbers.

In a very competitive world, it is all too easy to get lost amidst the barrage of other medical facility websites that are around.

However, by making sure you have a superb, professionally designed website, you can stand head and shoulders above your rivals and take a larger slice of the pie when it comes to new patients. You have to put yourself in the situation of your customers and visitors.

You can even apply this to the real world.

For instance, imagine you were shopping at the mall and saw two shops that sold the same thing next to one another. One shop looks pristine, clean, inviting, and professional. The other looks thrown together, haphazard, unkempt, and disorganized.

Which of the two would you go to? The same applies to websites. People will generally choose the one that looks professional, clean, and inviting.

4. The Opportunity to Market Your Services

Of course, one thing you need to remember is that your website provides you with a perfect platform to market your medical services and procedures.

If you have specific specialization, special offers or promotions available, your website is the ideal place to let people know about these.

Make sure that you take the time to create specific and dedicated pages for the things that matter most in the practice that you want to rank well for and grow.

For instance, if you are a plastic surgeon that does breast augmentation, rhinoplasty and laser aesthetics make sure that you create an in depth, individual services page for each and every one of these services.

6 medical website design tip atlanta

Simply listing what you do on the main services page is not near enough to help a patient make an educated decision or help search engines understand that you specialize in this and to return that page high in search.

Include support items on each of those pages that the patient can relate to such as video testimonials or before and afters.

5. A Boost in Professional Image

The professional image of your medical facility is everything because people always want to ensure they use a reputable and highly professional provider for medical procedures and treatments. The appearance and quality of your medical website can play a big part when it comes to the perception of your image.

All too often in today’s society perception really IS reality like it or not.

Why do you think so many doctors are willing to shell out $1,000s of dollars to be in the local or national magazine as a “Top Doctor” even though it’s a purchased title?

Because patients are unaware of that fact and therefore that great stock in a doctor that has been named top in their field 6 years running. Why would they choose anyone else?

The same fact holds true in the presentation of your brand, yourself, your facility and patient care on your website. Impression matters.

A badly designed, low-quality website will make your facility look like it lacks professionalism even if it doesn’t.

However, modern, professional medical website design can instantly boost your image, on-site time and therefore your overall search rankings. It is all related.

6. Compete High in Local Search Rankings

Your website is the single most important ranking factor for search engines.

It lays the foundation for all on-site and off-site search ranking factors. If you have a well constructed, SEO solid website it does wonders to beat out the local competition in search of new patients online.

medical website design seo agencyI liken good search engine optimization to a hub and spoke model. The hub is your website and all of the design and development principles that go into great SEO site design.

  • Site structure
  • Title Tags & H Tags
  • Site Content
  • Image Optimization
  • Site Speed Optimization
  • Mobile & Tablet Responsiveness

The spokes are the ongoing website and off-site strategies that you implement that work together to increase search rankings and site traffic.

While some are way more important than others they all work together to get you ahead.


Always Invest in Quality Medical Website Design

We live in a digital age, and the design and appearance of your website can make all the difference no matter what industry you are in.

When it comes to medical services, people want to know they are using a provider that is professional, reputable, and knowledgeable. Making sure you invest in professional medical website design can help you achieve this.

There are many professionals that can create a superb website for you at a very affordable price. Of course, you should make sure you opt for a responsive website design so it can also be accessed easily on mobile devices.

Especially with the announcement of mobile first indexing by Google meaning they prefer to show the mobile version of your site first. So now more than even this is not just essential but mandatory.

You need to ensure that all aspects of your website are up to par in order to gain all of the benefits. It is not enough to just make sure it is easy to navigate and has eye-catching images.

You also need to make sure that it is informative, the information provided is engaging and relevant, and that every aspect boasts high quality. By doing this, you can benefit in many ways and will realize just what a valuable investment a high-quality website actually is.

When it comes to finding the right web design agency to help with building or updating your website, there are a number of key factors that you should take into consideration.

First off, you should look for a provider that has experience working on medical websites, understand patient flows and can show you a portfolio of past sites. This will give you a far better idea of what to expect when it comes to your own website.

Final Note

Now more than ever nearly 80+% of consumers turn to the internet to search for a local business. That means they are doing the same thing when looking for a place that does Juvederm or handles chronic pain.

It is imperative that you invest the resources into an online marketing strategy and that all starts with a well-built website. Without it there is little sense in investing elsewhere is the efforts cannot convert when they get to your website.

A new website may seem low on the priority list compared to paid advertising or other initiatives but the investment into a website will yield 10, 20 even 30X the initial investment.

Think about it? Say as an example you decided to invest $5,000 into the practice website of your dreams.

How many patients over the average 3-5 year lifetime of a website (before it should be updated) would it need to convert to make your money back and net profit on the top? 5 surgery patients? 10 new patients?

Even at 50 new patients over 5 years that is less than 1 patient per month on average and you recoup your investment. A very small hurdle to clear.

Take the time. Do your research. And make the investment. Your practice, your patients and your bottom line with thank you.

Looking for some medical website design inspiration? Check out our portfolio of recently launched website. We are adding new ones every month!

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