5 Effective Strategies To Growing Your Local Physician Referrals

Kelley Knott

Ways to Grow Local Physician Referrals

The day to day of running a practice has its challenges and always has it’s rewarding and making sure your patients are getting the best care and experience is priority #1.

Between managing a practice and treating patients, it can get hectic and trying to focus on ways to connect with local physicians and can seem overwhelming.  Physician’s know that it’s crucial to the practice and to maintain that competitive edge is to have a strong and stream of local physician referrals to your practice.

A healthy line of local physician referral relationships can contribute to a large portion of a physician’s patient base, so in order to maintain and grow your practice physicians need to develop a highly engaged physician referral network.

What A Highly Engaged Physician Referral Network Can Do For Your Practice

Increase Patient Referrals

Increase High Revenue Procedures Or Surgeries

Increase Practice Revenue

Scale Your Practice

The Reputation of A Top Practice

Improve Physician Communication

Expand Your Physician Network

Gain That Competitive Edge

The goal is to establish a no, like, and trust relationship with local referring physicians and practices so they view your physicians and practices as a top specialist in the area to further treat and care for their patients.

But the question is, “what can I do to grow my local physician referrals?

There are simple and effective ways that as a physician to build a highly engaged physician referrals network.

Run A Practice Audit

This may not be where you would think start but is crucial to the foundation of the process. You need to know the current referral status of the practice.

Who’s currently referring?

What procedures are being referred?

Identify new areas to focus on building relationships.

It’s essential to run this practice analytics to capture these basic referral patterns and trends and establish benchmarks and goals. This can be done in many different ways, but the most straightforward and most accessible is through your EMR/HER.

Visit with Referring and Potential Referring Physicians

Commit the time to find a way to visit with local referring providers and practices to introduce yourself, discuss your specialty, fellowship, practice and more.

Connect with your local providers and put a face to a name, discuss mutual patients, and your signature approach to treatment.

3 Easy Ways to Connect & Meet With Referring Physicians

Make an introduction to the physicians you see and work within the hospital.

Keep an eye out while you’re in the hospital for possible ways to introduce yourself and make a connection.

Drop into the referring practices close to your medical practice location.

Meeting with local referring physicians does not have to be an all-day affair or be very time consuming all it takes it, putting some time aside to drop in into neighboring physician offices. Making an effort can go a long way, and even unannounced visits are successful.

Join your local medical association.

Expand your local physician network by getting involved in the local medical association or healthcare association; you may be surprised about where your connections can take you.

Invest In a Physician Liaison Marketing Program

What is a physician liaison?

A Physician Liaison is an ambassador of the physicians and practice they represent intending to meet with local referring physicians and practices to cultivate referral relationships.

A physician liaison can build a strategy to develop highly engaged referral relationships as well as dedicate the needed extra time to take action steps and follow through.

Physician liaisons can expand the reach of the practice, introduce the physicians to the community, create follow-campaigns, address the needs of the referring physicians, and make sure all materials and referral information is provided to streamline patient referrals.

Having a dedicated physician liaison for your practice will provide a targeted healthcare marketing strategy solely committed to developing, enhancing, and growing physician referral relationships that result in an overall increase in practice revenue and growth.

Provide Direct Communication

Make yourself more accessible to referring physicians if they have questions about a potential patient or are looking to speak with a specialist make it easy to connect with them.

Direct communication, like providing your cell phone number or email to the referring physician, can be the differentiator between referring to a competitor specialist or you.

Provide Timely & Detailed Notes

Don’t forget to send your patient care notes back for mutual patients promptly — many referring physicians what details on the care their referred patients had and what are the next steps.

Don’t be lazy! If there are ways to include labs and imaging results make sure that is included the more time you save them from having to chase results or be on the phone with multiple centers the more they will want to continue the relationship in the future.

Make building real and genuine referral relationships a priority for your practice. The more you get involved as the specialist and meet with referring physicians, the better your referral network.  You will also have the opportunity to discuss your approach to patient care and the opportunity to treat those patients who genuinely need your expertise.

Building a strong referral physician network will reap BIG rewards for your practice, physicians, and the patients you treat.

Online Physician Liaison Training

Need help with physician liaison training? Check out Physician Liaison University™ our end to end online training and certification program for physician liaisons.

Ready to get more patients?

At Intrepy we speicialze in growing medical practices like yours.

Ready to get more patients?

At Intrepy we speicialze in growing medical practices like yours.

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