Physician Reputation Management

Get control over your physician reputation management and start growing more patient reviews. Did you know over 80% of patients read online reviews before ever book an appointment? Our physician reputation management software will streamline your ability to generate new patient reviews and protect your valuable online reputation which is one of the most important decision-making factors when patients book new appointments.

Benefits of Medical Reputation Management

Book more appointments and improve local SEO by growing your physician reputation

94% of patients take reviews into consideration with deciding between two similar providers. Make your patients your best marketer by leveraging their reviews across major healthcare platforms like Google, Vital, Healthgrades, Facebook and more. Reviews are one of the top 3 ranking factors that affect local SEO so implementing a reputation management software for your doctors is critical to grow appointments and rank higher in search results.

  • Generate reviews on 250+ platforms
  • Negative review protection
  • Send Requests via Email & Text
  • Integrate reviews directly on website
  • Increase leads and calls
  • Monitor and respond to new reviews
  • Improve Local SEO rankings
  • EMR integration & File upload options
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All-In-One Physician Reputation Management Platform

One central hub to manage your physician reputation, generate new reviews and response to patient feedback.

A simple and easy way to protect your reputation as a provider and send new patient review requests all from one central hub that can integrate into your EMR or securely upload recent appointments into our system. Simple, easy, and effective. Stop trying to make your front desk remember to ask patients to leave a review and let us handle the workload.

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Don’t miss out on numbers like these!

211 New Patient Reviews in 180 Days

In all of 2019, Infectious Disease Consultants of Georgia generated 19 total reviews with an avg rating of 4.2 across 5 physicians. In under 6 months in 2020, we generated 211 new reviews with an average rating of 4.9. A 1,010% increase in new reviews!

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Generate Reviews on 250+Review Platforms

Build new patient reviews and increase your physician reputation on not just Google My Business or Facebook but healthcare platforms including Healthgrades, Vitals and CareDash!

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Send Email & Text Message Requests

Engage with patients and generate new reviews over email and SMS text message! This makes it easy to ensure high conversion rates and two flexible ways to communicate with patients. Customizing the branding and adding a physician headshot to the texts results in powerful campaign outcomes.

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Integrate new reviews directly on your website

Add new reviews across all of your physician reputation management platforms in real-time to your website physician or location pages. This increases website conversion and social proof to new potential patients, as well as, increases local SEO rankings.

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Monitor & Respond to New Patient Reviews

Google says best practices is for businesses to respond to new reviews in a timely manner to show you are proactive and engaged. This helps increase local SEO rankings and shows a caring and responsive business owner. However, that can be extremely difficult to monitor especially on several platforms at once. But we can do all the heavy lifting for you! Monitoring and responding to reviews quickly.

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Secure Physician Reputation Management Software

We have several different options to HIPAA-compliantly send your patient contacts new review requests. This includes the ability to directly integrate into dozens of different EMRs directly to create automated workflows. We also have the ability to set up a simple CVS file upload to ensure generating new reviews is a simple as download, click, upload, done! Look forward to growing your physician reputation.

“Intrepy has done an outstanding job with Nore Women’s Health! In less than a year, Intrepy has help to propel our website to the top of search engines. Very responsive and knowledgeable team. I highly recommend them if you are looking to grow your medical practice.”

Jennifer Hardimon

Nore Women’s Health