Content Marketing – Ultimate Practice Growth

content marketing medical intrepyContent Marketing is an essential part of any solid marketing strategy and that is why it is a focal point of what we do at Intrepy Healthcare Marketing. Content marketing use to be very straight forward in the form of a blog on your website. Today it has evolved into multifaceted approach involving captivating storytelling, long-form written pieces, video production, animation, graphic design and more. Your audience wants to engage with your content in different ways and every platform calls for unique content. Killer content drives SEO, leads, new and recurring website traffic and patient engagement. Content Marketing is the logs in the fire of the steam engine to keep the locomotive moving down the track.

Content Marketing Strategies to Dominate Local SEO

FACT #1: Medical Practices that are actively blogging have 97% more inbound links. What Does This Mean? Backlinks are a critical SEO ranking factor.

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FACT #2: Content marketing leaders experience 7.8 times more site traffic than non-leaders. What Does This Mean?: If you want to grow your practice traffic you NEED engaging content.

Why Is Our Content Marketing Approach Different?

  • Practice focused, engaging content written by top content medical professionals
  • Monthly editorial calendar focused on trends, keyword research & analytics
  • Local SEO for every piece, title, image & more
  • Licensed professional images with each article
  • Video templates, production & animation
  • Content marketing ROI tracking & analytics
Content Marketing