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Content Marketing is an essential part of any solid marketing strategy and that is why it is a focal point of what we do at Intrepy Healthcare Marketing. Content marketing use to be very straightforward in the form of a blog on your website. Today it has evolved into multifaceted approach involving captivating storytelling, long-form written pieces, video production, animation, graphic design and more. Your audience wants to engage with your content in different ways and every platform calls for unique content. Killer content drives SEO, leads, new and recurring website traffic and patient engagement. Content Marketing is the logs in the fire of the steam engine to keep the locomotive moving down the track.

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Why Do You Need a Content Marketing Strategy?

Content marketing is the driver behind many of the most critical elements of an effective marketing strategy.

  • Essential to search engine optimization and improving organic search results
  • Provides content to make your social media platforms explode with new followers, engagement and leads
  • Introduces patients to your practice and brand via educational information
  • Link building, an essential part of every SEO strategy, is predicated on building content that people cannot help but link back to

It is so critical to create a comprehensive content strategy to generate new website visitors and convert that traffic into new appointments, new patients, and new revenues. Intrepy Healthcare Marketing varies from other agencies because our approach does not just focus on creating a piece of content but that audience it’s aimed toward, competitor research, proper distribution channels and how to leverage social media to gain a larger audience.

Case Study



After a website redesign, name change and digital advertising see how they are ranking #1 for keywords

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Why is a Content Marketing Strategy Worth the Investment?

Content marketing is one of the most lucrative and effective marketing strategies for generating new leads for a business or practice.  In fact, content marketing garners a 6X higher conversion rate than other forms of marketing. That means that making the investment in creating impactful, engaging and effective content and distributing that content through the proper channels and steps can result in a substantial growth in new patients and business.


Medical Practices that are actively blogging have 97% more inbound links.


Content marketing leaders experience 7.8 times more site traffic than non-leaders.


Video traffic made up 73% of all internet traffic in 2016. Expect to be 82% by 2021.

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What Does Our Content Marketing Strategy Include?

Monthly Content Creation

Create, Distribute, Track & Grow

  • Creation of industry-leading content
  • Place content on website & optimize for SEO and maximum reach
  • Social sharing integration
  • Content distribution strategy
  • Promotion of content
  • Outreach and backlinking strategies
  • Email listing building & email automation strategies
  • Measure and optimize strategy

Content We Create:

Draw Patients In

  • Long Form Articles & Blog Posts
  • Videos & Physician Interviews
  • Testimonials
  • White Papers, Case Studies & EBooks
  • Infographics & Custom Graphics
  • Podcasts

SEO Research & Competitor Analysis

Beat out the competition

  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Audit & Analysis – What Content Do Their Patient Love?
  • Research on target audience
  • Development of Content Calendar
  • Existing content audit
  • Content performance and tracking system

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Dr. Jimmy Knott
J&L Ministry
Intrepy Healthcare Marketing did a remarkable job overhauling and redesigning my outdated website. They were even able to recreate my custom 200 question assessment that I use for my teaching classes which had been built several years ago in a now nearly obsolete coding technology. My website is now fully responsive on all devices, user-friendly and contains much-needed analytics!

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