Guide to Creating New Physician Referral Relationships

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Kelley Knott
CEO, Intrepy Healthcare Marketing

4 Ways to Boost Your Physician Referral Relationships

It’s time to first on the list when referring physicians are considering the specialists, they would like to send their patients for continuing care.

It’s important not only to develop a reputation for delivering top-quality patient care but also the best specialty to build new referral relationships with. Make it absolute no brainer when it comes to which practice is best for patient care and the easiest to work with.

1. What is Your Competitive Edge?

As a physician relations liaison, you should be aware of the benefits of referring to your practice for a referring physician that goes beyond just high-quality patient care.

This is because there are many skilled and talented specialists and you want to able to pinpoint some of the additional benefits of building referral relationships with your practice.

What does your practice or the physicians you represent an offer that goes beyond just excellent patient care?

This about uncovering the competitive edge that can help you stand out from the competition and can be your differentiator as a specialist.

It is simply not enough to just discuss what your practice is but it’s important to identify the key differentiators of your healthcare practice and how that is advantageous for your referring physicians.

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2. Developing Physician Referral Call to Action Collateral

We all know that we don’t expect our referring physicians to memorize what everything we said or how to get a hold of our practice. Make it easy for your referring doctors to refer with simple CTA collateral.

When visiting with referring physicians and staff members what are you leaving behind so you don’t become a distant memory?

When leaving material on your practice r there a clear call to actions, or CTAs?

If you looking to develop some CTA collateral to help you increase new patient referrals with a professional clean look, click here.

3. A Responsive Physician Relations Liaison

Your position as a physician liaison requires you to be available and communicative. In order to provide superior “customer service” is to be attentive and responsive to the needs and requests of your referring doctors.

This means providing direct lines of communication so that any need, question, or action is addressed immediately avoiding referral hurdles and delivering real value as a physician liaison.

You will quickly realize that if you are responsive to the needs and wants of your referring medical practices you will develop lasting and strong physician referral relationships.

Develop on-going touch points with your local physician referral community to check in regularly. Make sure in your follow-up meetings your energizing your message and relating your messaging based on previous meetings and requests.

A way to quickly “kill” a physician liaison marketing program is ignoring the requests of your referring physicians & not developing consistent on-going touchpoints.

To help you learn how to develop strategic messaging that give you the competitive edge check out, Physician Liaison Marketing, Gaining the Competitive Edge.

“As a physician liaison, if you are too busy to answer or respond to the requests of your referring physicians and staff members, then you’re not focusing on what matters most.”

4. Get Your Provider Involved in Building Physician Referrals

Active physician involvement and support can really accelerate your program.

A physician that is genuinely invested in the program and willing to participate in meeting with referring physicians will help boost referrals and validate their physician relations manager.

With the support of your physician, liaisons can have the confidence they need to be persistent in requiring face to face time with referring physicians and be witness to unique and candid conversations only 2 physicians can have.

These conversations will help mold the expectations and message for future marketing further educating your physician liaisons and delivering superior marketing.

Most importantly invest the time and put in the work for your physician liaison marketing program. A prepared and educated physician relations liaison will be able to produce physician referrals and expand your practice.

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