Physician Liaison Training & Marketing: Implement a Successful Program

Kelley Knott

Utilize Proper Physician Liaison Training to Maximum Program Success

Want to grow new patient referrals from local doctors in your community? Bringing on a physician liaison representative has been proven to generate new physician referrals and increase overall medical practice revenue. Implementing a physician liaison marketing program requires the appropriate training. Physician Liaison training is absolutely crucial to have a successful referral marketing program. The process of the physician liaison training should include setting and achieving goals, establishing a timeline, creating accountability and identifying the necessary action steps to achieve success.

Clinical Training for a Physician Liaison

A physician relations manager is a representative of the practice and the physicians. In order to be an effective liaison, they must have adequate training and be familiar with all aspects of the medical practice. Physicians in the medical practice need to meet and speak with the physician liaison about medical cases, patient referrals, and more. The physician liaison should familiarize themselves with the medical staff and functions of the practice.

A comprehensive understanding of the day to day activities of the practice, doctor, clinicals, and medical office staff will help them better communicate to referring doctors. This training process requires investing both time and one on one meetings between the physician and the physician liaison. There is a correct way to organize the training for the physician liaison within the medical practice by establishing levels of checkmarks to ensure the training is complete.

Marketing to Referring Physicians

Growing new patient referrals for the medical practice is the largest responsibility of the physician relations manager. Referral marketing benefits the doctors by establishing a know, like and trust relationship between physicians and referring doctors. This relationship is initiated by the physician liaison. Physician liaisons are not medical clinicians and are not expected to be, but they need to have the essential training for speaking with doctors and other healthcare professionals.

The physician liaison should be prepared to handle any type of marketing situation between themselves and doctors. Knowing what to say when marketing the medical practice and its physicians is what determines how successful the physician liaison marketing program will be. Not all doctors and medical staff will accept the physician liaison in the same manner so the training will need to address various situations and approaching multiple personalities. Training the physician liaison with professional repertoire and marketing initiatives will lead to a successful referral marketing program.

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After training the physician liaison on what to say when marketing to physicians they need to have the appropriate marketing follow up. Understanding how to follow up with doctors is critical. Part of the physician liaison training process will address the levels of marketing follow up and frequencies. There are multiple ways for a physician liaison to follow up with doctors and drive new patients to the medical practice.

Physician Liaison Marketing Training

The physician liaison is the head of your marketing department so they will need to be trained to understand marketing and the current external marketing of the medical practice. Healthcare marketing involves multiple platforms with different objectives, optimizing those platforms to produce results allows for a cohesive medical marketing program. Simply being aware of the marketing efforts is not enough. A successful physician liaison will need to participate, execute on initiatives, or delegate the marketing for the medical practice. Popular healthcare marketing tools used by medical practices and doctors include:

Physician Liaison Strategies & Tracking

Understanding where you have been and where to go next is all part of the daily accountabilities of a physician liaison. As a providing physician, they will need to be in constant communication with the physician liaison to be fully aware of the marketing direction of their physician relations manager. Organize a tracking system for the physician liaison so they can quickly review the marketing visits to physicians and streamline the communication with the providing doctor.

The tracking system for the physician liaison helps keep all the marketing organized and easy to report and review the doctor office visits. The training will need to address that the physician liaison understands and what is required to track their physician office visits. An organized tracking system will also assist the physician liaison when trying to re-account the visits with doctors and document the next steps for appropriate follow up.

Physician Liaison Reporting

In order to measure the success of the physician liaison, there needs to be a measurable reporting system. The physician liaison training will include the reporting. Not only does a reporting system measure the success and ROI of the physician liaison marketing but it will help the physician liaison focus their efforts and establish direction. The physician liaison should be the one with the responsibility of referral marketing reporting.

If a physician liaison is not trained to handle the referral marketing reporting it will hinder their success because they will be unable to measure their efforts to help them navigate where they need to go moving forward. As the providing physician collaborates with the physician liaison to establish benchmarks and goals that can be measured by the reporting system.


Growing new patient referrals from physicians and creating relationships between referring doctors will help grow the medical practice. The biggest asset to increasing new patient referrals is implementing a successful physician liaison marketing program with a fully trained physician liaison representative. Developing the physician liaison program will require organization and training but will be well worth the efforts!

If you are looking for expert physician liaison training for your physician relations manager we can help! Physician Liaison University™ is an online physician liaison training and certification program built by physician liaisons for physician liaisons!

Ready to get more patients?

At Intrepy we speicialze in growing medical practices like yours.

Ready to get more patients?

At Intrepy we speicialze in growing medical practices like yours.

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