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Physician Liaison Job Description

Building a productive physician relations program requires multiple moving parts and one of the MOST important is the individual assigned to represent the practice when building referral physician relationships.

This individual is referred to as a few titles but most commonly: physician liaison, physician relations director, and physician outreach director.

Many medical practices and physicians understand the value in building a strong physician relations outreach program but implementing one can sometimes raise challenges.

One of those challenges is deciding on the individual best to spearhead the physician liaison marketing for the medical practice and what are their roles and responsibilities.

What is a physician liaison?

A physician Liaison is the designated medical practice and physician ambassador hired to generate strong referral relationships with local referring doctors.

A physician liaison may also be referred to as a physician relations director, physician relations manager, director of physician relations, physician relations outreach director, and physician relations outreach manager.

This individual serves as the practice representative to cultivate profitable physician referral relationships with general practitioners and specific referring specialties.

Physician liaisons often work for large medical systems, hospitals, private practice specialists, and other consulting groups.

Hiring a physician Liaison

When hiring a physician liaison, you need to be specific and detailed about the roles and responsibilities, required experience, needed skills, and education.

The physician liaison job description, when hiring, will provide a summary of the practice or healthcare system in which they would represent. It will also include the hours, daily responsibilities, designated goals, physician liaison training and onboarding process, and salary.

Make it clear when hiring a physician liaison that they will be required to complete the necessary training and work in a non-traditional work environment. This means they will spend majority of their time outside the practices cultivating referral relationships.

For more information about creating your application, interview questions and what do when hiring a physician liaison visit check out The Ultimate Guide To Choosing A Physician Liaison.

What does a physician liaison do?

Well the main objective of a physician liaison is to actively build local referring physician relationships that result in an increase of patient referrals, ultimately resulting in an increase of services and practice revenue.

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But as far as listed responsibilities…

What does a physician liaison do?

  • Visit local referring physicians and medical practices with the goal to build lucrative referral relationships.
  • Works with medical practice and healthcare system physicians to create effective physician referral marketing plans.
  • Meet with local physicians, staff members, and referring practice medical staff members to build referral relationships
  • Reports weekly to managing executives about the progress and growth strategies of the marketing
  • Schedules physician relations meetings between providers and healthcare professionals
  • Distributes the medical practice marketing collateral and patient referral materials
  • Represents medical practice and physicians at local healthcare and networking events
  • Develops physician relations marketing reports including tracking visits and measuring the ROI
  • Educates referring medical practices of the capabilities of the practice, how they can streamline the referral process, and provide top quality care for their patients.

Depending on the size and need of the program there can be a single physician liaison, or a team of physician liaisons designated to certain territories to grow your medical practice.

The difference between physician liaison & medical sales

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What is the difference between a physician liaison and a pharmaceutical or medical sales representative?

A physician liaison DOES NOT SELL a product or device to physicians and medical practices, rather provides a “CUSTOMER SERVICE” type relationship.

Pharmaceutical and medical sales representatives visit physicians and medical practices with the goal of making a product sale that results in direct compensation to that representative. They do not represent physicians or medical practices but Medical device and pharmaceutical companies.

The biggest difference is that medical/pharm. Reps relationships with physicians are a “sales-based relationship”.

A Physician liaison’s relationship with physicians and medical practice is a “customer service” based relationship.

The training process is also vastly different.

Physician liaison marketing has proven to provide medical practices, hospitals and healthcare systems with that key competitive edge required to generate local physician referrals.

A physician liaison allows medical doctors the time to focus on patient care while effectively connecting with their local referral community.

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