Meet PureDropIV

Delivering the benefits of hydration infusion therapy directly to individuals, groups, parties, or private events, wherever you are. Our registered nurses administer flawlessly blended formulations of essential fluids, electrolytes, vitamins, and antioxidants designed to help our clients reach optimal health.

Services offered:

  • SEO
  • Web Design
  • Data Analytics
  • Business Listings Management
  • Review Generation

The Problem

PureDropIV was launching a brand new business to offer mobile IV hydration in northern Virginia to groups. They needed help putting together a new website and establishing a local marketing strategy to reach new patients.

The Solution

We aided PureDropIV in turning their new brand into an established website and launching their new marketing strategy to the market to being the patient acquisition process.

The Result

As a result, PureDropIV has established online visibility, grow new, local partnerships, established brand loyalty and social proof through new review generation.

“To be able to get our message across, one, in our website and then to have our clients be able to leave reviews that integrate into the website and onto our Google system, it’s just huge. As you’re well aware, someone that is a business owner, you don’t have time of day to take on all of these different tasks. So to have that helping hand from a company that knows exactly what they’re doing such as Intrepy, it’s a huge burden off our shoulders. So yeah, we’re very excited and thankful.”

Blair Brown – Owner PureDropIV

Start Attracting More Patients Now

Responsive Web Design

PureDropIV wanted to design and develop a high-end, elegant website that matched their brand and was easy to interface with for potential clients. We started with design concepts and developed a custom website that their members absolutely love!

Listings for Healthcare Organizations

When launching a new brand and business, getting it out and visible to potential clients on as many major listings platforms as possible is critical. Not only for visibility and establishing your brand but for local medical SEO.

Healthcare Reputation Management

Building a strong reputation out of the gate is critical for a new brand to succeed in a competitive specialty like IV therapy. We developed a seamless review generation and healthcare reputation management program to ensure that we were not only monitoring PureDropIV’s reputation but proactively generating new reviews from happy patients.

marketing growth dashboard

Marketing Growth Dashboard

To successfully launch and scale a new mobile IV therapy clinic you have to know your numbers. That starts with having access to your marketing analytics and data so you know what is working and where there are areas of continued growth.

marketing growth dashboard

Our practice assessment helps you identify areas of need, opportunities for growth and a snapshot into how you stack up against local competitor’s.

See how you compare to your key competitor.

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