Building a Relationship with Referring Doctors – Quick Tips

Kelley Knott

What to Do When Meeting with Referring Healthcare Practices

Doctors are more likely to refer to a practice they have established a relationship with where they can trust their patients care is in the best physician’s hands.

It is important to build your doctor network and meet with local healthcare providers to discuss your approach to patient care.

As a physician, patient care is the most important and building that communication and trust with your specialty physician allows them the confidence to refer their patients. Putting in the extra time and personal touch to meet with your physician network face to face is that extra effort of patient care.

After initial introductions are there it is important to continually nourish the relationship. Always following up with the referring practice or PCP’s.

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Your referring physicians provide majority of your patient base and generally refer the higher revenue procedures.

Your doctor referral marketing should be handled by a professional physician liaison educated about your practice terminology, has developed a large network of primary care providers, genuine in their approach and knows how to track their efforts.

Meeting with Potential Referring Physicians

You’ve established a healthcare marketing plan and identified the desired physicians you would like to build a referral relationship with, and now its time to meet!

It’s important to remember you are there to get to know them as well as talk about your excellence in your field, approach, and quality of patient care in your practice. Be considerate when meeting with a potential doctor referral’s time keeping it quick but specific to serving their needs.

Remember to always ask questions and listen and make sure to not only discuss yourself or practice, this is about building a relationship.

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Follow Up Visits and Maintaining the Relationship

Physician liaison marketing is an ongoing, never-ending marketing effort. It takes time to grow referrals and with frequent and constructive visits referrals grow in a snowball effect. As a physician liaison, you need to know the primary care provider’s office staff and learn who’s responsibility is what. Spend time in the office make sure you follow up on referrals and thank them for any referrals and their time. It always helps to bring treats and sweets! Leave cards and let them know you’ll be back!

Wrap Up

Referral marketing is an ongoing process: “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. You first make an initial introduction to your referring doctors explaining your experience and expertise in your field, dedication to providing excellent patient care and experience, and continuous communication and accessibility with the referring doctor.

Physician liaison marketing takes time and builds gradually with continuous visits by knowing where to go when to go, who to know & what to bring. The biggest tip of all and the key to any physician liaison marketing or physician marketing to referring doctors is to be GENUINE!

Intrepy Healthcare Marketing has a dedicated team of physician liaisons with years of experience and a substantial physician network to help you grow your practice effectively. We develop marketing reporting systems to track efforts and design custom collateral for your practice. Whether you are looking to grow, hiring a new provider, opening a new location or practice or something in between we are here to turn 100 referrals into 1,000. Give us a call 678-250-4757 or fill out our contact form.

Ready to get more patients?

At Intrepy we speicialze in growing medical practices like yours.

Ready to get more patients?

At Intrepy we speicialze in growing medical practices like yours.

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