5 Critical Elements of a Medical SEO Strategy – Infographic

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Justin Knott
President, Intrepy Healthcare Marketing

Medical SEO & Dental SEO Infographic

Ready to kick-start your medical SEO or dental SEO strategy?

Confused about all of the information that is out there and what is really most important for local search engine optimization?

We have put together an SEO infographic that helps medical and dental practices narrow down their focus to the 5 most important things to focus on for medical and dental SEO.

Obviously, there are a lot more components to a complete strategy but if you start by focusing on these 5 areas in the SEO infographic you are well on your way to beating out the competition in search results.

Medical SEO Infographic

Check this post out for a complete guide to developing a medical SEO strategy.

1. Claim & Verify Google My Business

Google accounts for nearly 75% of all search engine traffic on a monthly basis. Therefore it is critical to practice SEO that you claim, verify & complete your practice profile.

2. Proper Website SEO Structure

The practice website is the foundation of all your SEO strategy so make sure all pages have complete meta descriptions, proper H tags, keyword focus, optimized images, ALT tags & more.

Read this for medical website design tips & strategies to grow new patients.

3. New Reviews from Happy Patients

Reviews are one of the top 3 ranking factors for search engines & play an extremely influential role in the patient decision-making process. Make it easy for potential patients to find you with positive reviews.

4. Active Content Marketing Strategy

Develop a consistent content marketing strategy for your website and a cohesive distribution process via social media and email. Note: content marketing does not only mean blog posts. Take a look at video.

5. Optimized Social Media Profiles

A practice’s social media profiles are generally one of the top returned results in search engines when someone searches for your practice by name. Make sure they are completed, optimized & actively posted on. Once you have done that create a comprehensive social media marketing strategy.


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