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If your company serves business to consumer (B2C) or even business to business (B2B), now more than ever it is critical to have consistent lead flow to survive, much less, thrive. In today’s world, a lot of those potential, clients, customers or patients are found online. They are looking for what you do, sell or provide and we can put you in front of them and generate high-quality leads by harnessing the power of various digital advertisement avenues. Served straight to your phone or email inbox. A beautiful thing, isn’t it? Serving Greater Atlanta and beyond!

The Digital Advertisement Process

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Research & Planning

Meet with client and discuss goals, services, ideal customers, etc. Extensive research is done to put strategy in place.

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Campaigns & Landing Pages Created

After keyword and demographic research is complete we design custom landing pages focused on lead generation. Then we create custom ad campaigns based on the research.

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Run Ads, Track Sales Funnel

We create a strategic, trackable sales funnel to target your ideal customer. Complete with follow-up sales call training.

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Phone and Email Leads

Trackable phone and email leads come directly to your business or medical practice for your product, procedure, services!

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Those new leads are converted into new sales which is new revenue for your business!

Digital Advertisement Work